Reach the top of Podcast Search Results with Ausha’s New PSO Control Panel

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Reach the top of Podcast Search Results with Ausha’s New PSO Control Panel

Struggling with podcast SEO? Get ready for Ausha's PSO (Podcast Search Optimization) Control Panel, crafted to push your podcast to the top and simplify your SEO efforts. Elevate your podcasting to new heights! 🔥

October 16, 2023 • About 4 min. read

PSO control Panel Ausha podcast

In the ever-expanding universe of podcasting, creating content that resonates with listeners is only half the battle. The real challenge? Ensuring your podcast doesn’t get lost in the sea of options available on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. This is the dilemma facing podcasters today—how to stand out when quality alone isn’t enough to guarantee visibility.

This is where Podcast Search Optimization (PSO) comes into play, a strategy as crucial as it is often overlooked.

Why Podcast Search Optimization (PSO) is the New Frontier in SEO for Podcast

You might be a pro at SEO for websites, but have you considered the untapped potential of SEO for podcasts ? We call it Podcast Search Optimization.

According to The Podcast Host, 40% of podcast listeners are searching for shows directly on their listening apps. A whopping 58% of these users type in a topic and choose from the search results. 🔍

Much like SEO for websites, PSO is all about optimizing your metadata to boost your podcast’s visibility in search results. It’s not just about using keywords but knowing how to strategically integrate them to enhance your show’s discoverability and reach a larger audience.

This makes PSO (Podcast Search Optimization) an indispensable skill for anyone serious about Podcasting.

Introducing Ausha’s PSO Control Panel: Your Ultimate Tool for Podcast Search Optimization

We’re beyond excited to introduce our PSO Control Panel, a feature that promises to revolutionize SEO for Podcast. 🔥

PSO Control Panel is the ultimate ally for you, podcasters, who want to track your positions on listening platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 🤩

The PSO Control Panel is the result of an extensive collaboration with a dedicated group of 100 podcast creators from around the world who played a pivotal role in shaping and refining the tool. During the beta testing phase, they were able to experience the PSO Control Panel firsthand and were impressed by the results they achieved.

Already promising initial results with PSO Control Panel

The PSO Control Panel has shown some promising initial results. For instance, the podcast ‘What Fresh Hell,’ focused on parenthood, reached #1 on Apple Podcasts for the keyword ‘Parenting Tips’ within just 24 hours.

How ? By strategically optimizing its metadata and consistently monitoring its PSO strategy daily with the PSO Control Panel, just like an SEO expert would do.

How to use PSO Control Panel to improve your rankings on Apple Podcasts and Spotify?

Identify the best keywords for your show

Set up and track the best keywords for your podcast with ease using the PSO Control Panel.

Get extra support from our AI Keyword Assistant, which analyzes your podcast metadata to suggest additional keywords for tracking.

Especially those where your podcast ranks well on Apple Podcasts and Spotify but isn’t yet part of your setup. Use these suggestions to inspire your final keyword selection.

Monitor in real-time your Keyword Rankings

Weekly Ranking - PSO Control Panel Ausha

With real-time updates on how your keywords perform, you can adjust your strategy based on solid data to align with podcast SEO best practices.

Focus on keywords with high search volume to boost your ranking in listener searches

Dive into Metadata Insights for enhanced podcast SEO

Monitor your keyword rankings in real-time

Gain detailed information on how and where keywords are used in your metadata, including their frequency and location (e.g., podcast title, description, episode titles, and descriptions), and identify any missing opportunities.

This deep dive lets you fine-tune your metadata for the greatest SEO impact.

Track your latest Highs and Lows

Position Trenck PSO Control Panel Ausha Podcast

Our tool provides a granular view of how changes to your podcast metadata, episode titles, and keywords impact your Podcast Search Optimization efforts over time. Track your best progression, your best position and your downward trend.

Follow-up the overall visibility of your podcast

Position Trends PSO Control Panel Ausha Podcast

Get a comprehensive snapshot of your podcast’s visibility on Apple Podcasts and Spotify with our Global Visibility Score. This metric evaluates your performance based on keyword positions across different platforms.

Refine Your SEO by Country

Multi country store PSO Control Panel Ausha Podcast

After selecting your keywords, choose up to 3 countries to analyze their rankings and optimize your PSO strategy for each targeted audience.

Experience the Future of SEO for Podcast

PSO Control Panel is now available for Ausha’s users, starting with the Boost Plan and above.

  • Podcasters using the Boost Plan can track up to 20 keywords at the same time
  • Podcasters using the Supersonic Plan are able to track up to 50 keywords on PSO Control Panel.

So, podcasters, are you ready to level-up your Podcast SEO strategy? The PSO Control Panel is our latest commitment to helping you grow your audience and make your content easily discoverable. We can’t wait for you to try it out and share your feedback.

You want to try it out now? Log in to your account or upgrade now to boost your visibility.

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