New: Choose the format of your video clip from Ausha

New Video Clip formats
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New: Choose the format of your video clip from Ausha

Multi-format Video Clips are now available on the Ausha platform. You can choose the format of your podcast's video excerpt to optimize your communication on all your social networks.

November 5, 2021 • About 2 min. read

Because at Ausha, we believe in the power of video for promoting your podcast and boosting your numbers of downloads, we now give you the ability to generate your Video Clip in various formats: square, horizontal and vertical. 🔥

The right video clip format for every purpose

Until now, you could upload a video clip of your podcast and automatically share it on your social networks from Ausha, but only in square format. 😁

This format (which is very practical, by the way) already enabled you to easily promote your show on all social networks.

But because we here at Ausha want to give you the world, our team has developed other formats in order to 100% optimize the sharing of your Video Clip on all your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Story.

Beginning today, you have the ability to download your Video Clip in square, rectangle or story format. 🔥

New formats for Video Clips at Ausha

Go even further in customizing your Video Clip

Because a video excerpt can be a listener’s first step toward your podcast, it needs to reflect your world as much as possible…with your colors, your visual identity, etc.

New Ausha Video Clip formats

Ausha allows you to fully customize your Video Clip:

  • Customize your colors 🌈
  • Change your background image 🖼️
  • Choose the size of your background image
  • If you wish, display the audiowave 🎙️
  • Edit all your titles 😁
  • If you wish, add automatic transcription 💪

In short: emphasize the brand identity of your podcast through your Video Clip and broadcast it on all your social networks in the desired format!

Discover our presentation video!

Ausha is the first platform dedicated to podcasts that allows you to generate several formats. Try this new feature today!

Propulsez votre podcast avec Ausha 🚀

Plus qu’un hébergeur, une seule et unique plateforme avec tous les outils de diffusion, de communication et d’analyse pour votre podcast.


14 jours d’essai • Sans CB • Sans engagement

by Emma
November 5, 2021

In life, to be able to buy pasta and other useful stuff, I'm Brand Content Manager at Ausha. 💜 I create a lot of content to help (future) podcasters to boost their listening. Other than that, what I love in life besides podcasts and pasta 🥰 : writing stories, reading self-help books, singing Beyonce in the shower, Science Fiction and Harry Potter.

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