How Decathlon Uses Podcasts to Transform Its Brand

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How Decathlon Uses Podcasts to Transform Its Brand

Decathlon, a world leader in sports retail, boldly integrated podcasts into its content strategy in 2020 to strengthen customer engagement through this growing medium. Thanks to Ausha, the company easily hosts and distributes content, focusing on high-quality audio shows. This is a look back at Decathlon's podcast journey!



Find a format that meets the brand’s various marketing objectives

Goal #1

Brand Recognition

Goal #2

Strengthening Employer Brand

Goal #3

Internal Training

Decathlon’s primary goal was to support its customers in their sports activities, regardless of the sport, time, or place. Podcasts emerged as the ideal format for this, leading to the launch of “Conseil Sport” and “Histoire de Bouger” in 2020.

Conseils Sport

Goal: Brand Awareness
Launched in February 2020
275 episodes

The podcast features interviews with athletes from various disciplines, offering listeners practical tips.

Histoire de Bouger

Goal: Brand Recognition
Launched in April 2020
5 episodes

A podcast targeting 3-10 year-olds, aimed at encouraging family-wide physical activity.

Given the success of brand podcasts in meeting awareness objectives, Decathlon decided to extend this format to meet Employer Brand and Internal Training objectives.

Les coulisses de Decathlon

Goal: Employer Brand
Launched in March 2021
18 episodes

Focuses on Decathlon’s internal workings, featuring interviews with key company personnel.

La Decathlon Communication Académie

Goal: Internal Training
Launched in October 2020
16 episodes

Podcast that shows the “behind the scene” of the company with interviews about people who work at Decathlon.


How does Decathlon integrate podcasts into its global marketing strategy?

Decathlon has taken the initiative to integrate podcasts as a new strategic tool in its marketing mix. This strategic approach has brought to light 3 major challenges, each requiring a carefully considered and targeted approach.

3 challenges facing Decathlon:

Convincing all brands within Decathlon to adopt podcasts as a strategic tool.

Ensuring the longevity of the podcast format within Decathlon’s overall communication strategy.

Promoting the brand subtly without overt commercialism.


Ausha, Partner of Decathlon for Hosting, Distributing, and Promoting Their Podcasts

#1 Create a promotional kit to assist various brands within the group in disseminating podcasts

💻 Audio players in blog articles

Decathlon incorporates the responsive and customizable Ausha audio player (Smartplayer) into each blog article related to the ‘Histoire de Bouger’ or ‘Conseil Sport’ podcasts.

🔗 A unique listening link for widespread sharing

Decathlon has, for each of its podcasts, a unique link that redirects to all listening platforms featuring the brand’s podcasts. This is very convenient for sharing content on social media.

#2 Distribute internal training podcasts privately to control the audience

🔒 Non-listed episodes

For its internal podcast ‘La Decathlon Communication Académie,’ the company has opted to make the episodes accessible only through a specific URL. The podcast is not broadcast on listening platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

épisode non listé ausha

🚀 A dedicated Ausha podcast page for each podcast

Ausha automatically creates a dedicated web page for each of Decathlon’s brand podcasts. In the case of a non-listed internal podcast, the URL shared with the intended audience is the link to this dedicated web page.

Looking to start a podcast for your company, media outlet, or organization? Contact us and tell us your podcast project, we’ll ensure your audio content becomes a hit!

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