Distributing & sharing your podcasts

Now that you know everything about RSS feeds and you’ve hosted your podcast, it's time to share it with the world.


Adding your podcast to iTunes


Let’s start with "the place to be” a.k.a iTunes. The Apple platform represents a large part of podcasting audiences. Moreover, if you’re present on iTunes, your podcast will automatically be referenced in the catalog of Apple’s "Podcast" application. An application which is natively installed on all iPhones.

  • Step 1

    Go to the page: https://podcastsconnect.apple.com.
    Log in using your Apple ID.

  • Step 2

    Once logged in, this is where you can submit your RSS feed.

  • Step 3

    Once sent, your RSS feed will be verified in order to confirm that all the related information is compatible with iTunes (presence of episodes, cover size etc.).

  • Step 4

    This confirmation window should then appear:

    You’ll simply need to wait for the confirmation email from Apple which will validate the presence of your podcast on iTunes.

Adding your podcast to Deezer


The French music streaming platform is investing more and more in the podcasting industry.Each day, more than 30 000 new contents are available on the platform.
The service even has its own "Deezer Original" podcasts with shows such as Things I Like, a podcast collaboration with Gorillaz drummer Russel Hobbs, Trailblazers by Eddy Temple-Morris and Nick Halkes or for football lovers, Defending in Numbers. This is the ultimate proof that Deezer plans to work concretely around podcasts.

Ausha has therefore signed a distribution agreement with Deezer to facilitate and automate the distribution of podcasts hosted on the application. 

You can now become present on Deezer with a single click :


With this new connection your podcast can be available on Deezer, with its own listening link, in less than 5 minutes.

- Territories where the podcasts be available : France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Brazil, Colombia, Netherlands. 



Adding your podcast to Stitcher


Internationally speaking, Stitcher is another popular listening platforms. Aside from making it extremely easy to add your podcasts, the website appears to have gained even more popularity in recent months, so why not try it out?

  • Step 1

    Start off by following this link: https://www.stitcher.com/content-providers

  • Step 2

    Then register on the platform at the bottom of the page.

  • Step 3

    Indicate the relative information for your podcast in the form which is available from Stitcher:

  • Step 4

    Once validated, a window summarizing your information should appear. Validate your request to join the Stitcher catalog by clicking on « Submit Application ».

    Another window should then appear and you will need to wait for Stitcher’s confirmation email.


Android Applications

Podcast Addict, Poket Casts, Podcast Republic, Podcast Player or Castbox.

They’re a bit like the equivalent of the Apple “Podcast” app but for Androïd. Be it Podcast Addict, Castbox or Pocket Casts, the aim is to have a convenient mobile interface for finding new podcasts, subscribing to them and never missing out on new favorite shows. These applications are intended to be collaborative, so it’s possible that a member of the community has already added your RSS feed. If this is not the case, you can obviously add it yourself.

Sharing your podcast on social networks


Social networks are ideal tools to gather and inform your community. On top of reuniting your listeners, they allow you to interact with them and share your news. However, there are rules to follow on this side. It’s clear that you won’t be sharing the same stories with your followers as with your grandmother. It is for this reason that one of your first steps will consist of targeting your listeners. Who is going to be listening to you? When and how do they listen to you? You’ll want to find out as much about them as possible in order to get a better idea of their habits. Maybe they listen to you during their daily commute or at work on their computer. In some cases, it might be of interest to make your episodes available on YouTube. These little pieces of information are also important as they will help you understand, for example, as to whether they’ll be able to leave you a comment at the end of an episode. For this reason, don’t hesitate to create a survey and seriously analyze your statistics.

Twitter & Facebook

Is it necessary to be present on ALL social networks? This will greatly depend on the habits of your community (hence the importance of having a clear target). However, we can only advise you to be present on Twitter and Facebook, which will mainly serve as space for you to share and discuss with your listeners. Facebook is an interesting tool, especially when it comes to organizing meetings with your subscribers: the Event function will prove to be very practical. It is also advisable to create different content according to social networks. If there’s more than one of you presenting your podcast, perfect! Distribute the management of networks to different people for them to impose their style. Facebook might be your showcase, the place to share your content and information, while Twitter might be more of an experimental laboratory to approach potential listeners via hashtags. You could even create a hashtag for your podcast and invite your listeners to use it. However, make sure that it’s original and belongs to you, forget common hashtags such as #podcastlifestyle. You can then follow the reactions of your listeners with your chosen hashtag.

Instagram & Snapchat

They also have a unifying potential. You might want to consider them as social networks where sharing content is your priority. Turns these platforms into an asset and use them to share behind the scenes moments of your podcast. Take for instance, your set-up, the new hair cut of a host that you mentioned during an episode etc. These social networks should be seen as an extra support to your audio. At some point during your podcast, you might even want to encourage your listeners to check out a photo on one of your accounts and thus play on the desire of your listeners to find out more.

You could even make your account accessible to mark a particular event and invite your listeners to follow you. If you’d prefer to stay away from social networks, why not create a website to regroup your podcasts, create content around your topic and invite listeners to gather around a forum.


The Newsletter

It can also be a good option to slide into your listeners' inbox, to introduce your listeners to other podcasts, talk to them more openly and calmly, if that's your style.

Now that you’re visible on as many platforms and networks as possible, the question is whether this has had a positive effect on your audience. It’s time to analyze your statistics (coming soon).

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