Become the first podcasting cosmonauts!

Join the Ausha Family and get exclusive access to our private launch. A launch reserved for podcasters who are not afraid of the effects of zero-gravity and who meet the following criteria:




  1. You are an active podcaster

    You should have at least one podcast that is published or in the process of being published.

  2. You are committed to using Ausha

    Once accepted, you should use our solution by importing your feed or at least two of your episodes.

  3. You are willing to share your experience

    You are happy to share your opinions & suggestions with the commander & crew in order to help perfect Ausha.

Join the Ausha Family & enjoy our intergalactic advantages!

A free lifetime account


You are guaranteed to enjoy our free lifetime Premium offer, despite our offers never being higher than SoundCloud.

A place on board


You will be part of the Ausha Family, a small team of podcasting cosmonauts who will influence future developments.

A VIP pass


The initial cosmonauts will be invited to Paris, France (on planet Earth) for the official Ausha launch party.

Everything you need to know.

And some crispy details as a bonus.

Is Ausha stable enough to host my podcast?

Thanks to our experience of over 5 years in the world of audio broadcasting, we have chosen to launch a readily operational service to host and broadcast your podcasts. If the service already has numerous functions, this will gradually be enriched with new features following your feedback and our current developments.

How long does it take to receive an answer after applying?

Once you have completed the form, we commit ourselves to getting back to you within 10 days to determine the next phase of our adventure together.

When will Ausha be available for everyone?

Our team is actively working to make our service available to everyone as soon as possible, but the private launch period will last between 4 and 6 months.

Can I manage multiple shows under one account?

This is a feature that is important to us, you can therefore manage multiple shows with a single account on Ausha.