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The PSO Control Panel is Ausha’s exclusive tool to take control of your search strategy and boost your visibility.

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Identify your best keywords and track the evolution of your rankings on Apple Podcasts and Spotify’s Search Results with the PSO Control Panel.

Identify your best Keywords with AI

Choose your trackable Keywords and setup them effortlessly or get inspired by our AI Keyword Assistant

Track your Rankings in Real-time

Focus your efforts on high-impact topics and instantly see how many keywords place your show in the Tops

Improve your strategy Multi-Country

Optimize your global reach and your rankings by measuring visibility across diverse country stores.

Compatible with
Every Podcast Hosts

The PSO Control Panel integrates seamlessly with your current hosting service.

Your Podcast on Top of Apple and Spotify

By optimizing its metadata, the partenthood podcast “What Fresh Hell” became #1 on the keyword “Parenting Tips” in just 24 hours.

PSO results after using it

Identify the best keywords for your show

Choose the most relevant keywords

Effortlessly set up trackable Keywords that resonate with your show.

Leverage AI for Keywords Suggestion

AI scans your existing podcast metadata and suggests new Keywords.

Monitor your Keyword Rankings in Real-time

Stay ahead with real-time insights into how your keywords are performing day by day.

Keyword Performance

Elevate your podcast's visibility through data-driven decisions.

Search Volume

Focus on high-impact topics to maximize listener reach.

Keyword popularity

Tailor content to trending keywords for increased relevance.

Track your latest Highs and Lows

Get a granular view of your podcast’s ranking over time, and understand how your metadata changes impact your visibility.

Track the overall visibility of your podcast

Measure your podcast’s visibility based on keyword positions across multiple listening platforms.

Improve your Multi-Country

Tailor your PSO strategy according to geographic performance for localized relevance and global discoverability.


Track your Positions on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

PSO Control Panel is available on the two major Podcast Apps.

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