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Let the world know you exist

Make your podcast visible on every listening platform, and send out automatic notifications as soon as a new episode is published.

Distribute everywhere, easily

Distribute your podcast easily on all directories. In just a few clicks, make your podcast visible to listeners all over the world!

Create video clips adapted to social media

Turn audio from your episodes into video clips to promote them more effectively on social media.

Integrate your podcast on your website

Thanks to the Smartplayer, integrate with a simple copy/paste a responsive and customizable audio player on your website or blog.

Example of an Ausha player integration on a website


Get them to press play

Encourage your audience to listen to the first episode of your podcast… then get them to binge-listen to the rest.

Structure your episodes

Enrich your listeners' experience by integrating chapters, links and images into your episodes.

Organize your shows

Are your episodes played in a specific order? Guide your audience's listening behavior with our system of seasons, series or specials.

Engage listeners

Invite your listeners to link your episodes with playlist creation and create exclusive content for your audience with private playlists

podcast chapters


Turn your listeners into fans

Your community is eagerly awaiting each new episode, so let them know automatically as soon as it’s released.

podcast newsletter

Send a newsletter to your audience

Notify your subscribers when your new episode is released by sending them a personalized newsletter.

Share automatically on social media

Schedule your social media posts, and they’ll be shared automatically as soon as a new episode is published.


Track your success

You can always rely on our data to give you an accurate picture of how your podcast is doing in real-time, thanks to advanced statistics.

Track your progression

Measure your success by analyzing your audience per show and per episode. Track the changes in average consumption rate for each episode.

Compare your episodes

Analyze your audiences for episodes with comparable launch dates the next day, one week later... up to 90 days following publication.

Learn more about your audience

Find out where your audience is coming from, and their demographics (age, gender, location, etc.). Publish your episode on the day and at the time they listen to you most.

Track your Apple Podcast ranking

Find your Apple Podcast ranking on Ausha and track it over time. Receive a notification as soon as a new comment is posted, and view it from the platform.


Get them to press play

Encourage your audience to listen to the first episode of your podcast… then get them to binge-listen to the rest.

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