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All the tools you need to easily setup your ads campaign, track your results and start making money on your show !

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Make Icon Like 2 money, Pay no fee

Manage your ads, find new partners and generate revenue without paying any fee.

Dynamic Insertion ads

Insert dynamically your Pre-rolls and Post-rolls into your selected episodes. Easily analyze and share the results of your ads campaign. Collect 100% of the revenue you generate.

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Marketplace Brands x Podcasters

Join Podcorn Marketplace to meet potential Sponsors! Browse available opportunities, send proposals and close deals without agency middle man.

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Share the link of any crowdfunding platform from your podcast website and Smartplayer page.

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Dynamic Ads Insertion (DAI)

Manage easily Icon Money 2 your campaigns on your own

Create and manage your own advertising campaigns using our tool and effortlessly analyze your results. You collect 100% of the revenue you generate.

Easily manage the placement of your ads

Dynamically insert your promotional message with our different ad placements.

Configure your campaigns with ease

Set a time limit in the campaign, so it stops automatically.

Sponsors Marketplace

Sponsorship opportunites Icon Grow-2 for any size podcast

Thanks to our Podcorn integration, browse new sponsorship opportunities. Pitch yourself to brands, set your rates, and retain your creative freedom.

Be independent and in control

Browse opportunities, send proposals to brands, set your own rates and schedules, and always choose the brands that you want to work with.

Transparent and secure process

Podcorn require brands to deposit money upfront for your protection. Podcorn only retain a transparent 10% fee at payouts on completed campaigns. No hidden fees or agendas.

Build meaningful relationship with brands

We remove the agency middle man, so you can enjoy direct access to opportunities and direct communication with brands inn a secure and safe environment.


Convert your audience Icon Heart-2 into investors

 Make your audience part of your success by launching a crowdfunding campaign and sharing the link of any platform from your podcast website or Smartplayer.

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Drive Icon Money 3 revenue now

Choose our different monetization tools and start generating revenue with your podcast.

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