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Choose between automatic or manual monetization and leverage crowdfunding to reap the benefits of your podcast.

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Automatic monetization

Lean back and let us handle the monetization

Let our ads agency work for you. We will seek out the most suitable advertisers and negotiate the best rates for you.
Our goal is to find the perfect match! We ensure the best possible match between your podcast content and the advertiser’s industry.

MonƩtisation Automatique Ausha

Programmatic monetization in just a few clicks

Activate automatic monetization once you reach a minimum of 5,000 listens per month. Define your target audience by entering the relevant information and indicate the ads' industries you do not want to appear on your podcast.

A team of specialists behind your campaigns

ā€œAutomaticā€ does not mean ā€œwithout human supportā€. Our dedicated team works hard to find you the best advertisers. Receive automatic payments that go right into your pocket.


A fair and transparent distribution of the revenue.

When the campaign is over, you will receive 60% of the revenue generated. The remaining 40% will pay the ads agency team.

Manual monetization

Be in control with manual monetization

Search for advertisers of your choice. Create and manage your own advertising campaigns using our tool and effortlessly analyze your results.
Collect 100% of the revenue you generate.


Easily manage the placement of Pre-rolls or Post-rolls in all your episodes

Dynamically insert your advertiser's ad at the beginning or end of your episodes.


Configure your campaigns with ease

Set episode limits in the campaign, so it will stop automatically.


Convert your audience into investors

Take your listeners on a podcast adventure. Make them part of your success by launching a crowdfunding campaign and sharing the link from your Ausha webpage and Smartplayer.


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14-day trial ā€¢ No credit card ā€¢ Noncommittal