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Supercharge Icon Like 2 your promotion on social media

Save tons of time by managing all your social media posts directly from the Ausha platform.

Publish at anytime

Publish your posts on all social media platforms without any limit.

All Social Media

Publish your posts on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook.

Schedule your posts

Schedule your posts to a specific date to match your episode’s release date.

Improve Your Strategy

Compare which post performs the best and improve your strategy on social media.

Analyze your posts

Get data on your post’s performance (impressions, reach, interaction, engagement rate, number of plays).

Tag your guests

Mention your guests to increase engagement on your posts.

Boost Icon Start-2 your engagement with video

Generate engagement on social media by transforming your audio into a short video trailer.

Easy-to-use video creation tool

Create an engaging teaser in just a few clicks with our simple creation tool.

Auto Transcription

Thanks to auto transcription, add subtitles to maximize the visual impact of your content.

Available in all formats

Choose within multiple video formats to fit on any social media platform (square, story, landscape).

Share easily

Share your clip on social media and start generating interactions on your episodes.

Video library

All your video bites are stored in a library that you can access to reuse previous trailer.

Video customization

Customize the colors of your titles and waveform to match your podcast branding.

One single Icon Link 2 link
All directories

Share your Smartlink, a unique listening link that redirects your audience to their favorite listening platform.

One link for every platform

Share a single link to redirect your listeners on any directory.

Customize to your colors

Customize the color of your Smartlink page to your podcast (background image, link, colors...).

Fits perfectly on social media

Your cover is automatically embeded on social media when you share your Smartlink.

Activate Icon Heart-2 your fanbase

Make your listeners never miss an episode of your show with our Newsletter tool.

Send automatic emails

Notify your subscribers when your new episode is out by sending them personalized emails.

Export to your CRM

Export your subscribers to your CRM thanks to csv export.

RGPD Compliance

Ausha is RGPD compliant and offers technology aligned with current security standards.

A website Icon Browser 4 that you (and Google) will love

Rank your podcast on search engines with a beautiful website, dedicated to your show and optimized for SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

All your episodes descriptions are embedded to help you rank your page on Google and Google Podcasts.

Add all your shows

Help listeners find your other shows by adding a dropdown section in your website menu.

Lightbox popup

Build your email list and get more subscribers to your show with a timed popup.

Add call to action

Want to redirect your audience to a specific website or platform? No problem with custom links.

Audience tracking

Connect Google Analytics and your Facebook pixel to track and retarget your visitors.

Share exclusive content

Your website integrates episode chaptering and all your different playlists.

Social Media links

Transform your listeners into fans by adding social media buttons on your website.

Directory links

Add directory links to redirect your audience to their favorite listening platform.

Customization tool

Customize your website background and buttons to match your podcast branding.

3D planet astronaut floating in space

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