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Go beyond Icon Stats analyze 2 your downloads

Follow your downloads in real time with the most advanced dashboard on the market.

Unique listeners

See the number of individual listeners that streamed your show.

Comparison tool

See how your episodes compares to previous episodes.

Real-time Statistics

Follow all your downloads in real time.

One single dashboard

See all your statistics in one single dashboard.

Mobile friendly

Track your progression whenever you want on your mobile phone.

Exporting tool

Thanks to our csv export tool, export easily all your data.

Rely on certified stats from IAB

The method of calculating your downloads follows the strict standards of IAB and does not count robots or spam. Only humans!


Learn everything Icon People 2 about your audience

Understand listening habits from your audience and use them to build a better show.

Audience by device

See what device people use to listen to your show (mobile, desktop, speaker...).

Audience by source

See what apps people are using to listen to your show (Spotify, Apple Podcasts...).

Audience by browser

See what browser people use to listen to your show (Chrome, Safari...).

Audience by location

See in which countries, regions and cities your audience is listening from.

Ads statistics

Follow the results of your advertising campaigns directly through the Ausha platform

Exporting tool

Thanks to our csv export tool, export easily all your data.

Track your voice Icon Avatar 1 from
global to local

Dive deeper in your stats and see in which countries, states, and even cities your listeners are tuning in from.

3 levels of location

See what countries, sates or cities your audience is tuning in from.

2 view modes

Choose to view this data on a spherical map of the globe or a classic, flat one.

Maximize your local impact

Identify local opportunities for potential growth and connect with your audience like never before.

Track your success Icon Start-2 on Apple Podcasts

A clear dashboard to dive into your Apple Podcasts progression and reviews.

Get notified

Get a notification when someone leave a new review on Apple Podcasts.

Manage your reviews

Get an overview of all your reviews over time.

Follow your ranking

Follow your progression on the Apple Podcasts ranking.

Finally understand
your listening Icon Increase-3 peaks

Wondering what days and times are best to release your new episodes?
Our Peaktime tool shows you which days of the week and at what times your podcast gets the most downloads.

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