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Unlimited hosting
for Icon No-limit 2 unlimited success

Enjoy unlimited hosting! Add as many episodes as you like and watch your audience grow to infinity.

Unlimited hosting

Upload countless hours of audio every month.

Unlimited downloads

Watch your audience grow with no caping.

Unlimited episodes

Add as many episodes as you like every month.

Podcast publication Icon Mic title 2 made easy

Easily publish your episodes thanks to our streamlined publishing process.

Episode scheduling

Publish your new episodes instantly or schedule them for whenever you want.

Easy metadata integration

Easily integrate your metadata (title, description, tags, covers...) to your episodes.

Private link

Share exclusive episodes with your audience through a unique URL.

Music library

Thanks to our partnership with Universal, enjoy 500+ free jingles, music and sound bites.

Customized listening link

Customize the default link of your episode on all communication supports.

Multi audio formats

All audio files are accepted (mp3, .wav, .ogg or .flac).

Enrich Icon Play 2 your listening experience

Minimize listening fade and hook your listeners with multiple in-audio tools

Structure your episodes in chapters

Add different chapters to your episodes to facilitate the listening of your show.

Easily embed links into your episodes

Want to promote a product or service? Insert your links directly into your episode.

Minimize listening fade

Make listening to your podcast interactive by adding links, images...

Manage all your shows Icon Organize 1 in one single dashboard

Switch easily from one podcast to another and manage all your shows in the same account.

Multi show dashboard

Manage all your shows in one single dashboard.

Give dedicated access

Grant different access levels to your team members

Add users

Manage your podcast with several people and add up to 8 users.

Organize your show the way you want

Your show, your rules.
Choose how you share your content and what your audience can see.

Create personalized playlists

Categorize your episodes by theme and allow your subscribers to have a more organized access to your show.

Share exclusive content

Tease your audience with a preview or a bonus episode and get closer to your fans.

Protect your content

Update the privacy settings of your episode to control where your episode can appear and who can watch it.

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Launch your Icon Play 2 show

Get your podcast discovered on all major world directories in just a few clicks.

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