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Ebooks, templates, checklists: find everything you need to boost your podcast and be heard throughout the galaxy.

10 metrics to follow branded podcast

10 Key Metrics for Branded Podcasts

Discover 10 main key metrics that will elevate your branded podcast to new heights.

10 Podcast script Templates

10 Essential Podcast Script Templates

Kickstart your podcast creation process


Ultimate Scorecard for Podcast Growth

Introducing the Ultimate Scorecard for Podcast Growth: Turbocharge Your Show Today!

Podcast Planners Templates for your show

Podcast Planner: Your Plan for Podcast Success

6 free podcast planner templates for your show

How to hack your podcast growth?

10 essential tips to make your podcast stand out

Choosing wisely your podcast host

Choose wisely your hosting platform to distribute, promote, analyze and monetize your podcast.

10 steps to start a podcast that rocks

Learn how to start a podcast from scratch with Ausha.

How to define your listener persona

This model enables you to identify your core target by defining your listener persona.

Listener Journey: Three steps to really make your podcast take off

Follow the three steps of the Listener Journey to communicate effectively via your podcast.