Amplify your Podcast Visibility with AI-Powered Transcription

AI-powered transcription turns speech-to-text in 99 languages, auto-updating your podcast’s RSS feed and website for an SEO boost.



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SEO, Engagement Icon Browser 4 and Accessibility Made Easy

Leverage AI Speech-To-Text to make your podcast engaging and accessible, broadening your audience and boosting your online presence.

Level-up your SEO Strategy

Make every spoken word fully searchable on Search Engines like Google.

Turn your Transcription into engaging content

Captivate audiences with engaging summaries, blog posts, and social content.

Create Accessible Content

Make your podcast accessible to everyone, including people with hearing impairments.

Fine-Tune Icon Edit custom-2 Your Transcripts with Ease

Refine transcripts with ease using podcaster-designed tools and our karaoke effect, ensuring seamless audio-text sync for flawless editing.

Speaker identification

Automatically detect speakers, enabling straightforward naming for crystal-clear dialogue

Uncertain words highlighted

Identify words that require editing quickly thanks to an orange highlight

Why Our Transcription Icon Start-2 Is Better Than Others

Experience unmatched speed and accuracy in transcription, powered by‘s AI.

AI-Powered Service

Leveraging advanced audio intelligence technology

95% accurate

Guaranteeing your spoken words are transcribed correctly.

Supports 99 languages

Making your content accessible globally.

30 min of audio < 5 min

Ensuring rapid content availability.

High-precision timestamps

Enabling a quick identification of key moments in the audio.

GDPR compliant

Securing your data privacy with a European cloud provider.

Flexible export formats

Facilitating content repurposing with exports in multiple formats

Metadata-enhanced accuracy

Pre-scanning metadata for error- reduced, precise transcripts

Excellence in every language

Delivering top-quality transcription across all languages

Compare with other transcription services. Read our benchmark.

All Your Transcription Needs in One Place

Manage your podcast and transcription effortlessly from creation to publication within Ausha.

One-click transcription

Convert your episodes into text with a single click—no fuss, no hassle.

All-in-one platform

Create, edit, and manage your transcripts directly within Ausha. No extra tools needed.

Automatic RSS Updates

Integrate transcriptions seamlessly into your podcast's RSS feed.

Transcription included with every plan

Ausha makes transcription accessible by including it in all subscription plans. Exceed your plan’s limit? Additional minutes are just a click away.

60 min/month

120 min/month

240 min/month

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Boost your Podcast’s Visibility now with Ausha

Make every word of your podcast accessible and easy to find on Search Engines like Google with Ausha’s Speech-to-Text Technology.