Our mission: make every podcaster’s voice heard

At Ausha, we have always loved storytelling, but above all, listening to people share their stories. After all, that's how stories come to life.

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And this story Icon Start-2 has only just begun

  1. July 2018
    🚀 Ausha launches with headquarters in Tourcoing
  2. January 2020
    🏆 Ausha becomes the leader in hosting and broadcasting native podcasts in France
  3. March 2020
    💰 Ausha raises 1.2 Million euro in funding
  4. September 2020
    🗼 Ausha opens a second office in Paris
  5. January 2021
    🎙️ Ausha co-creates the R1 recording studio at the Gaité Lyrique and becomes resident partner
  6. June 2021
    🗓 Ausha hosts its first online summit dedicated to podcast marketing
  7. October 2022
    🇺🇸 Ausha comes to America



Address: 47 Avenue de l’Opéra 75002 Paris
Email: [email protected]


Address: 78 Rue de la Gare 59170 Croix
Email: [email protected]

New York

Address: Coming soon
Email: [email protected]