1. Choose Your Podcast Name Keyword

Insert a keyword that describe your show or theme in the podcast name generator.

2. Get Podcast Name Ideas

Our podcast name generator creates countless ideas. Decide whether you prioritize a shorter or longer name.

3. Select Podcast Names

Copy the podcast names you like and select your new podcast name today!

How do I make a catchy podcast name?

1. Do a brainstorming

Start by brainstorming a list of words that are relevant to your podcast's topic or theme. For example, if your podcast is about cooking, you might include words like "food," "kitchen," "recipe," or "cooking."

2. Play with words

Consider using a play on words or a pun to make your podcast name more interesting and memorable. For example, if your podcast is about gardening, you could try something like "Green Thumbs Up" or "Sow What?"

3. Combine Words

Try combining two or more of the words on your list to create a unique and catchy name. For example, if your podcast is about finance, you might combine the words "money" and "invest" to create the name "Moneyvesting."

4. Keep it short

Keep it short and sweet. A podcast name that is too long or complicated can be difficult to remember and might not be as effective at catching people's attention.

5. Test your names

Test your potential podcast names out on friends, family, or other potential listeners to see which ones resonate the most and are the easiest to remember. This can help you narrow down your options and choose a name that will be effective for your podcast.

6. Check For Availability

The last thing you need to do before starting your podcast is to check if the name you've chosen is available. You don't want to use the same name as other podcasters. Check to see if the name hasn't already been trademarked by conducting Google searches and entering it into each podcast directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your keywords? They should be words that your target audience would type in to search for your content. They are words that sum up what your podcast is about.

Let’s say you want to start a podcast about dinosaurs. Plan out what your content is going to be, who your target listeners are, and what kind of brand you’re going with. Then go to search engines and see what other words tend to pop up with dinosaurs. Make a list of about ten keywords and then put two or three of them in the podcast name generator.

The keyword batches might look something like: “Dinosaurs Paleontology Fossils;” “Incredible Facts Dinosaurs;” “TRex Dino Dig.”

The Generator will create a list of possible names for your podcast.

Play around with different keyword combinations. Note the names you like best. Identify around 3-5 names that you like and that fit your overall growth strategy (branding, target audience, video, etc.).

Now it is time for the next step.

Like we talked about earlier, it is really helpful for your podcast’s name to be unique and for its social media handles and domains to be available.

For this step, take your list of the top names you liked and search all around to see if any of the names are already in use.

Places to check:
- Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
- Domain name search websites
Trademark list directories (governments offer these lists for free usually)
- Business name directories (governments offer these lists for free usually)
- Podcast directories

If you absolutely love a podcast name, but it is already taken in one medium, sometimes you can try to contact the person or business and try to buy it from them. But the Generator creates so many great options, it is probably best to just go with one that is available across the board.

Ask Your Target Audience

Once you have a list of names that work for your show and that are available, it is a good idea to poll your target audience to help you pick the best one.

But wait, how can you do that if you’re just now creating a podcast?

Try going where your target listeners might already be. For example, you may already be part of a social media group for paleontologists. If they are your target audience, ask them!

If you can’t access a target group, asking your personal network works just fine. Again, you are only presenting them with the options you already know will work well with your growth strategy, etc.

Developing a podcast name is serious business, but it also can be one of the most fun parts of creating a podcast. Take the suggestions we give here and enjoy the journey!

A good podcast name is memorable, descriptive, and easy to spell. It should give potential listeners a clear idea of the theme or topic of the podcast while also being unique enough to stand out in a crowded market.
When naming a podcast, avoid overly generic terms, overly complicated words, or anything that might be difficult to spell or pronounce. Also, steer clear of names that could limit your podcast's growth, such as those that are too narrow or niche-specific if you plan to expand your content in the future.
The name of a podcast plays a crucial role in its success by influencing first impressions and discoverability. A strong, appealing name can attract more listeners by succinctly conveying the content's essence and helping the podcast to rank better in search results and directories.

Why it’s important to choose a good podcast name?

Choosing the right name for your podcast is as crucial as the content itself. It’s the first impression you make on potential listeners and plays a vital role in whether they decide to hit “play” or not. But don’t worry, our Podcast Name Generator is here to spark your creativity and help you find a name that’s not only catchy but SEO-optimized. 


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everything runs through search engines these days. People are connected to the world around them, and even themselves, through keywords. 

  • Want a hotdog? Use the search engine on a food delivery site or Google Maps.
  • Want a house? Use a search engine on Zillow or another real estate site.
  • Want to know if you should be worried about that rash? You should go to the doctor, but let’s be honest, you are probably going to use a search engine to find the answer. 😁

That is why it is critical that your podcast name be something that is optimized for search engines. The title needs to be related to the topic your podcast covers. It needs to have at least one keyword related to the topic it covers. It needs to be a balance between being relevant and being unique. 

Bottom line: Your podcast’s name needs to be easy to find when people type their queries into search engines. 

We won’t cover every detail of SEO strategy and growth here. We have plenty of other blog posts that will guide you through that marketing tactic. All we want to emphasize here is that your podcast title needs to be very search engine friendly in order to build a solid foundation for future growth.

For example, If your show is about how to take care of pet turtles, a name like “Teenage Mutant Ninjas” might be clever, but your podcast probably wouldn’t rank very high when people search for “how to take care of my turtle.”

Our Podcast Name Generator plays a crucial role here by crafting names that are not only creative but also embedded with strategically chosen keywords to boost your SEO efforts.

Our tool specifically generates podcast names that integrate popular and niche keywords based on the input you provide. Here’s how it ensures the names are optimized for search engines:

  • Keyword Integration: Automatically includes keywords in the podcast names based on current SEO trends and your podcast’s focus area.
  • SEO-Friendly Suggestions: Offers names that are not only user-friendly but also tailored to rank well in search results.
  • Balancing Uniqueness with SEO: While creativity is important, our generator also considers how search engines index and rank content, suggesting names that are the perfect blend of unique and searchable.

By using the Podcast Name Generator, you position your podcast for increased visibility and higher search rankings. Choose a name that resonates with your audience’s search habits and the content you produce to maximize reach and impact in the competitive podcasting landscape.

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2. Establishing a Strong Domain and Social Handles

The second area where having a great podcast name is critical to generate future growth is domains and social handles.

Ideally, your podcast name is available in its exact form as a website domain as well as social handles.

Let’s say your podcast is about the United States presidency and you choose to name your podcast “POTUS.” Boy, do we have some bad news for you. The actual presidents of the United States already use @POTUS for their social media handles, passing it down from one to another. Our guess is he (or she, in the possible future) is not going to sell you that handle or give it to you for free.

In this example, when people try to follow your podcast, “POTUS” on social media, instead they find the actual president’s profile.

They may mistakenly follow @POTUS, thinking it’s your brand. Or they may realize it isn’t your podcast profile, grow frustrated, and quit looking for your brand on social media altogether. Either way, your podcast’s potential growth would suffer.

Besides helping you pick unique names that don’t overlap with the President of the United States, Our Podcast Names Generator also helps you keep your podcast name short.

Why is this important? Again, think in terms of domains and handles. “The History and Current Events of the United States Presidency” might be a unique name, but that is way too long to directly translate to a website domain or social media handle.

You’re going to run into the same problem as before– you’ll lose potential followers as they struggle to find your podcast on social media and the web.

Overall, consistency is key. Your podcast name, domain, and social media handles all being identical greatly helps you grow your podcast listener numbers across multiple platforms, keeping them engaged and happy.

Our Podcast Name Generator not only suggests creative and unique names but also checks for their availability on major social media platforms and as domains. Here’s how it helps:

  • Ensures Availability: It automatically verifies if the suggested names are available as domains and social media handles, saving you from potential conflicts and issues down the line.
  • Keeps Names Concise: The generator promotes short, memorable names that are more likely to be available and effective as domain names and social handles.
  • Avoids Common Pitfalls: By steering clear of overly used terms and checking real-time availability, the tool prevents the selection of names that could lead to legal and brand identity challenges.

Example: Instead of “POTUS,” using our generator might suggest “PresidentialPod” or “CapitolVoices,” names that are not only unique but also immediately available for domain registration and social media usage, embodying both the essence of your content and the practical needs of digital branding.

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3. Branding Strategy

Effective branding is integral to the success of any podcast. Your podcast’s name is not just a title; it’s a first impression, a brand promise, and a reflection of the content you deliver. Choosing the right name with the help of our Podcast Name Generator can significantly influence your brand’s perception and popularity.

Reflecting Your Brand’s Identity

A podcast name should embody the essence and tone of your show, resonating with your target audience while being both distinctive and memorable. Here’s why consistency in your podcast name matters:

  • Audience Alignment: The name should appeal directly to the age, interests, and expectations of your intended listeners. For example, while “Investing Vibes” might resonate with a younger audience interested in dynamic financial discussions, it likely won’t strike a chord with business professionals aged 50+, who may prefer something more conservative and direct.
  • Tone Matching: It should reflect the tone and content of the podcast. A light-hearted, entertainment-focused podcast might benefit from a playful name, whereas a serious, educational podcast needs a name that underscores the intellectual or practical value listeners can expect.

If your target audience is business men, ages 50+, you probably don’t want your podcast name to be “Investing Vibes.” But if your target is 18-30 year olds, that may work great!

Versatility in Naming

If you’re still exploring your podcast’s strategic direction or if your content has a broad appeal, choose a name that is versatile and adaptable to different themes and topics. This approach provides the flexibility to pivot or expand your content without needing a rebrand. For example:

  • Generic Yet Impactful: Names like “Eternal Echoes” or “Visionary Voices” are open-ended enough to cover a variety of topics but also intriguing enough to draw listeners.
  • Creating Deeper Connections: Even a generic name can become distinctive over time through consistent quality content, engaging cover art, social media interaction, and complementary music themes.

Utilizing the Podcast Name Generator for Branding

Our Podcast Name Generator does more than spit out random suggestions. It uses a sophisticated algorithm tailored to:

  • Incorporate SEO-friendly Terms: Ensures the name is optimized for search engines to enhance discoverability.
  • Generate Memorable Names: Produces creative and catchy names that are likely to stick in your audience’s memory.
  • Check Availability: Confirms that the name isn’t just unique but also available for use as a domain and on social media, maintaining brand consistency across platforms.

Suppose your podcast is about innovative technology solutions. The generator might suggest names like “TechFrontiers” or “InnovateTech” which are:

  • SEO-optimized: Including terms like ‘tech’ which potential listeners are likely to search for.
  • Audience-specific: Directly appealing to tech enthusiasts and industry professionals.
  • Brand-consistent: Easy to remember, making your podcast easily recognizable and referable.

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