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Ausha Pro in app illustration
Ausha Pro in app illustration Ausha Pro in app illustration

Distribute, manage and measure your podcast’s success with advanced tools and exclusive services designed for Enterprises, Agencies and Networks.

Trusted by 11,000+ podcasts

Powering the world’s fastest-growing B2B podcasts since 2018


Access to all listening platforms with just one link

Say goodbye to multiple links for each different channel. Use Smartlink for an all-in-one solution to podcast sharing and outreach.


Add your podcast directly to your brand's website

It's as simple as just pressing play. Use Smartplayer to drive more downloads and seamlessly integrate your podcast into your brand website.

Hit the Top of Podcast Apps’ Search Results

Identify your best keywords and track the evolution of your rankings on Apple Podcasts and Spotify’s Search Results with the PSO Control Panel.

Compatible with your existing hosting platform!

Identify your best Keywords with AI

Choose your trackable Keywords and setup them effortlessly or get inspired by our AI Keyword Assistant

Track your Rankings in Real-time

Focus your efforts on high-impact topics and instantly see how many keywords place your show in the Tops

Improve your strategy Multi-Country

Optimize your global reach and your rankings by measuring visibility across diverse country stores.

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Reinforce your branding

Customize your podcast assets to your brand identity

  • White label materials
  • Branding options
  • Custom domain name

Advanced metrics,
Easy-To-Read dashboards

Track your audience’s growth in real-time!
Efficiently analyze your listening sources, and identify your top-performing episodes.

Audience by source

Uncover which Apps (Spotify, Apple Podcasts...), Devices, OS and Browsers your listeners use most to tune in to your podcast.

Audience by location

See in which Countries, States and Cities your audience is listening from.

Unique listeners

See the number of individual listeners that streamed your show.

Completion rate

Check the average listening percentage of your episodes and discover at what point your listeners drop off.

IAB certified statistics

Observe, review and analyze downloads data according to worldwide IAB 2.1 standards in real-time.

Exporting tool

Leverage our CSV export tool to easily download all your podcast data.

Work in team

Easily toggle access permissions for all your podcast contributors and invite multiple members to manage it as a team.

Custom requirements

Our experienced tech team is here to support you with any custom integrations, such as SSO, API, etc.

White glove client services

  • Email / Telephone / Live chat
  • Setup & Follow-up meetings
  • Customized onboarding

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