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Enhance your podcast's visibility in search results of Apple Podcasts and Spotify with Ausha’s innovative PSO (Podcast Search Optimisation) Control Panel. 

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Make sure your podcast stands out where listeners are looking.

40 %

of podcast listeners find new shows by searching directly on their preferred listening platforms.

* The Podcast Host – How Do Listeners Discover New Shows?

Climbing the Ranks on Apple and Spotify

Discover how the parenting podcast “What Fresh Hell” skyrocketed to #1 for “Parenting Tips” on Apple and Spotify within 24 hours through strategic metadata optimization.

Identify the best keywords for your show

Selecting Prime Keywords

Choose keywords that best reflect the content of your show and track them effortlessly.

AI-Powered Suggestions

Utilize our AI Keyword Assistant to review your current metadata and recommend potent new keywords.

Uncover Hidden Gems

Identify high-ranking keywords not yet utilized in your metadata to capture untapped audiences.

Monitor in real-time your Keyword Rankings

Designed to give you comprehensive insights into how your chosen keywords are performing, enabling you to optimize your strategy for maximum visibility

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Instantly track your keyword rankings on Apple Podcasts and Spotify to identify which terms improve your podcast’s visibility.

Search Volume Insights

Identify which keywords are highly searched in Apple Podcasts and Spotify, thanks to visual search volume indicators to maximize your discoverability.

In-Depth Metadata Analysis

Access concise analyses of keyword usage in your show and episode titles and descriptions to enhance your podcast's visibility.

Tracking Progress and Setbacks

Gain insights into your podcast’s rankings over time to see the direct effects of your metadata optimizations.

Overall Visibility Tracking

Evaluate your podcast’s visibility by analyzing keyword rankings across Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Improve your Multi-Country Performance

Adapt your PSO tactics based on geographic data to ensure your content resonates on a local and global scale, achieving maximum discoverability.


Monitor your rankings on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Track your podcast’s search result positions on the leading platforms.

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Boost your Podcast’s Visibility with Ausha

Track your positions in search results right now with the PSO Control Panel and get listed #1 on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.