Corentin, Web Developer at Ausha

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Corentin, Web Developer at Ausha

On Ausha's marketing team, we have Corentin, master of Wordpress, king of the website and, what can I say, emperor of the kingdom of coding! With his radio voice, Corentin has the power to instantly soothe the addition to making everyone laugh.

November 5, 2021 • About 4 min. read

Corentin, a web developer at Ausha

In this article, meet Corentin, the Marketing team’s web developer and (re)listen to the episodes of the Ausha Onboarding podcast from the rest of the team to discover Ausha behind the scenes.

Happy reading! 💜

Hello Corentin! Can you tell us a bit more about your background?

Hi! 🤓

Well actually, the dev world and I met a bit by accident during an open house at the Multimedia School and at a time when I needed to find more meaning in my studies. 🤔

It was love at first sight with the obvious complexity of the code, the challenge it represented, and at the same time the freedom you have at your keyboard… It was clear to me. I wanted to learn more and become a developer. 💻

That’s how I joined a Parisian agency upon completion of my studies, where I worked for three years before seeking out some fresh air and greenery outside the city limits. 🌱

What exactly do you do at Ausha?

I’m here to ensure the development of the Ausha website and facilitate the work of the folks who keep it running. I develop new features, features which make the website more interactive and enjoyable for those just discovering us and also for our Aushers 💜.

What did you like most upon your arrival at Ausha?

I work remotely most of the time, so my onboarding was virtual, yet I really felt welcomed. 🥰

Sometimes it feels a bit like you’re disturbing the established order when you join a group. But here, I was able to spend time with everyone, and even though I didn’t remember their names on the first try, I was able to put stories and favorite pursuits to each smiling face. 😁

How do you like remote working?

There’s a saying in French: “métro, boulot, dodo”, which basically means “subway, job, sleep”. I removed “subway” from the phrase, which leaves room for other things outside of “work” and “sleep”. 😉 Dev lends itself well to the situation, and with just a bit of organization, telecommuting offers a lot of advantages.

But it’s still great seeing everyone from time to time. 💜

What are your interests in life?

I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 14. I love it for the adrenaline, the freedom, and I find it ideal for traveling.I’ve traveled throughout France and have visited a few other countries in the last few years. Also, I’m not a good mechanic, but I still enjoy it since I’ve had to tinker with my 50cc 🏍️.

Corentin on his motorcycle

Since I also drive a car, I admit to being a bit of a gearhead and hanging out for long hours late at night on mechanical YouTube channels. 🚗

Other than that, I play video games, for example, classics like Halo and The Sims and indies like Starbound and FTL. And as long as we’re telling everything, my guilty pleasure some nights is to open a good bottle of wine, preferably red, and on a traditional baguette, spread some semi-salted butter. The movie I’m watching might suck, but it’s all good. 🍷🥖

If you could dine with three people, either living or dead, who would they be?

The first one that comes to mind is Coluche. I think we have similar culinary tastes. We would discuss motorcycles, and then we’d have plenty of jokes to tell each other. 🤡

At my house we always laugh a lot at the table 😂 so I’d spend a few hours in the company of Pierre Desproges too, in the same spirit.

On a different note, I greatly admire Etienne Klein, a physicist and philosopher of science who’s still very much on the scene. He’s very skilled at making complex concepts understandable to the general public. People like him reconciled me with math and physics, which I was allergic to in high school. I’m sure I wouldn’t have enough of a meal with him, but it would be a dream to share our visions of the distant universe.

Go behind the scenes at Ausha by listening to Ausha Onboarding, the podcast that gives new hires an open mic.

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November 5, 2021

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