Éloïse, Community Builder at Ausha

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Éloïse, Community Builder at Ausha

August 19, 2021 • About 6 min. read

Eloïse Barrège, Community Builder at Ausha

For the past several months, you’ve perhaps noticed that our social networks have come alive, evolved and have gotten more personalized. All this is the work of Éloïse, the new Community Builder at Ausha. 💜 Her role? To make sure you’re feeling good with us and with each other. A great goal, right? 😉

Thanks to the Ausha Onboarding podcast in which Éloïse talks about her first few weeks with us, you’ll learn how she plans to make Ausha’s community a true family for podcasters. 🚀

But above and beyond her job, who is she really? And what are her interests? 👩‍🦱 Spoiler alert: it’s gonna be poppin! 🎤

So let’s go ahead and meet Éloïse, Community Ambassador at Ausha!

Hi Éloïse! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m 28 years old, and I was born in Paris. I lived in the 10th arrondissement until I was eight years old, then grew up in the Hauts de Seine. 🤙 Basically, I’m a literary person: the Bac L and Hypokâgne-Khâgne preparatory classes. After that, I went to business school at INSEEC (in Paris), where I specialized in communication.

What are your interests outside of work?

Since I was a little girl, music has always been present in my life because it’s always been present in my family. 🎵 I attended a music conservatory for 10 years during which I learned piano and was part of a choir.

Then, in business school, I joined a music group in which I was the singer. With this group, we organized promos in the iconic concert hall of the Divan du Monde in Paris. 🎤

These days, I continue to sing with another group and give concerts. During the first lockdown, I also discovered that my neighbor played the guitar, so we entertained the apartment building by playing in the courtyard every Sunday afternoon. 🎸

Who are your favorite artists?

Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Gorillaz, M, Jamiroquai, Jurassic 5, Joy Crookes, Jorja Smith, Ben Mazué…there are so many!

Do you have other interests?

Yes! I love legends and mythology. I spent a lot of vacation time at my aunt’s manor (Haunted, perhaps? A few people have seen things…) in the heart of the Broceliande forest. 🌳 So I was raised on the legends of Merlin the Enchanter. 🧙‍♂️And, since my mother is Greek, the other half of my upbringing consisted of mythology…🧜‍♀️

I have a real passion for semi-precious stones, and it’s very unusual that I’m not adorned with rose quartz, tiger eye or moonstone…🌜

And, like many people, I love to travel. ✈️ It’s a bit cliché, no doubt, but it’s true. I have family in Greece and Australia, but generally speaking, I’m passionate about discovering the world and its various cultures. 🌍

What did you do prior to joining Ausha?

This is the first time I’ve been part of a brand’s marketing team. In business jargon, one would say I moved “from the agency side to the client side”. Before that, I’ve always worked in communications agencies as an Account Manager on digital and social media projects for multiple brands. My last job was as a Social Media Consultant at Social and Stories, a social media agency that’s part of the Figaro Group. 🤓

What exactly will you do at Ausha?

The long version of my title is “Community Developer and Social Media Manager“. It’s about creating and bringing together a community of Ausha podcasters via various channels: social networks, of course, but also events, newsletters, etc. So I renamed and shortened my title to Community Builder. I talk about this in more detail in one of the episodes of the Ausha Onboarding podcast. 🎧

My first big project will be building relationships with podcasters, meeting them and co-producing high value-added content with and for them, including interviews, podcasts, livestreams and webinars, etc.

Were you always interested in having this profession?

I’m not at all a solitary person. I’m an only child who would’ve loved to have a sister or brother, and I compensated with friends. I’ve always been surrounded by and in contact with others. I’m a real social butterfly! 😀

As a result, I like building close relationships with people. When I meet someone for the first time, my favorite moment is when the conversation starts to “take off” and goes beyond the cordial surface exchanges; the “small talk” if you will. 🤝

So it always seemed obvious to me to work with people as part of a team (not as a self-employed person) and on projects centering around interaction, exchanges and communication.

How did you fall into the world of podcasts?

A lot of people close to me are podcast listeners, and they’re the ones who introduced me to the subject. I discovered the world of podcasts with Transfert and these days, I love listening to Un Bon Moment, Deux Heures de Perdues, Prude and Pourquoi Pas Moi. I consume a lot of episodes individually, on a specific theme and in slasher mode. 🤙

I discovered the profession of podcasting through the Ausha Onboarding podcast, which I loved doing. Today, I have two personal podcast projects: a family member has had a pretty interesting (or cinematic 🎬) life and was always told to write a book, which he never did. I’d really love to put together a podcast project where I’d interview him and have him revisit certain periods in his life.

And then I also have plans for a podcast where I would interview people who’ve had paranormal experiences, because the unknown and the inexplicable (so far) have always intrigued me. 👻👻

What is your best memory at Ausha so far?

The first time I met my colleagues in real life, after accepting the position during confinement and working 100% remotely. 💜 I loved this moment because I realized that what I sensed behind my screen was real: the team is composed of caring, funny and spontaneous people. A bunch of “go getters” as I like to call them, all fired up to reach for the stars and always in a great mood! ✨

Follow Éloïse’s onboarding journey at Ausha. Every week for two months, she’ll tell you about her integration and her new position in the Onboarding podcast. 8 episodes of about 4 minutes each that take you behind the scenes of Ausha!

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August 19, 2021

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