How Can Internal Company Podcasts Enhance My Corporate Communication?


How Can Internal Company Podcasts Enhance My Corporate Communication?

Effective internal communication is crucial for companies aiming to enhance team cohesion and ensure efficient information sharing within the organization. In this regard, podcasts can be an especially pertinent tool for improving internal communication.

May 3, 2023 • About 10 min. read

Internal podcast for a company

The podcast format presents numerous advantages over other means of communication. 🚀 In this article, we will explore the various ways in which podcasts can enhance your company’s internal communication and provide practical advice on how to create and disseminate a podcast within your organization.

Whether you’re a business owner, human resources manager, or team member, this article will offer valuable insights on improving internal communication. 💪

What is a podcast?

Let’s start with the basics

A podcast is a digital audio format that enables the distribution of audio content over the internet, such as radio shows, interviews, news reports, and discussions. One of the benefits of a podcast is that the target audience can listen to the episodes whenever, wherever (as Shakira says), whether it’s on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. 🎧

There are 2 types of podcasts: 

  • Native podcasts, which are created by individuals like you and me and cover a vast array of topics. 🙋‍♀️
  • Replay podcasts, which are audio recordings of radio shows, YouTube videos, or conferences. 📻

What is an internal podcast?

In the context of internal communication, Internal Company Podcasts can be used to communicate information, news, or important messages to all employees within a company

The objective of podcast episodes is not necessarily to generate a large number of downloads, but to effectively reach the right audience with the right message. 🎯

This is why podcasts created as part of an internal communication strategy can be private. This way, brands or companies remain in control of the distribution and only talk to a small circle of listeners.

At Ausha, we help you in producing your internal podcast by providing private distribution options. You have 3 choices for this:

  • Create an “unlisted” show: Your listeners can listen to your episodes only if they have access to the URL of the webpage dedicated to your show. 🤫
  • Create a password-protected playlist and share it only with your target audience. 🔒
  • Use SSO technology to simplify access to your audio content via your company’s intranet. 🖥️

In the next part, we will see how podcasting can boost your internal communication and how to create an internal podcast for your company.

How can the podcast boost the internal communication of my company?

Podcasts can be highly effective tools for boosting internal communication within a company. Here are some of the key benefits of using an internal company podcasts:

Efficient and speedy dissemination of information 🌍

Internal Company Podcasts is great at allowing you to quickly and effectively broadcast information to all employees of the company. This can be useful for announcing important changes, sharing news, or presenting new projects. 😃

Reinforce corporate culture

This medium can serve to strengthen the corporate culture and values of an organization. By highlighting employee testimonials, inspiring stories, or innovative projects, podcasts can help cultivate a sense of pride and belonging for the company. This especially important now that remote working is so common. 😍

Improve communication between teams

Internal Company Podcasts can also enhance communication between different teams within a company. By creating themed podcasts or inviting employees from various departments to participate in discussions, podcasts can foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas between teams. 🤝

“This can make teams feel more connected and informed, which can have a positive impact on motivation and productivity.”

By using the internal podcast strategically, companies can significantly improve how they communicate with employees. 🔥 In the next part, we’ll look at how to create an internal podcast for your company.

How to create a podcast for your internal communication?

Now that we have seen the benefits of the internal podcast for internal communication, let’s see how to create a podcast for your company.

Here are the key steps to create an effective internal podcast:

What are your goals for this internal podcast? 🤔

Before you start creating your internal podcast, it’s important to define the goals you want to achieve with this new lever. 

  • Do you want to inform employees about company news?
  • Do you want to reinforce the company culture? 
  • Or perhaps you want to encourage collaboration between teams

Once you have defined your goals, you can tailor the content of your podcast accordingly.

Choose the format of your future podcast 🟪

There are several podcast formats such as interviews, panel discussions, news stories or even documentaries. Depending on your goals and resources, you can choose the format that best suits your business.

Tip: Generally speaking, the “interview” format is the most popular among podcasters (whether freelance or professional) because it requires the least amount of editing.

Finally create the content of your podcast 🖊️

The creation of content and its quality are key steps to the success of your internal podcast. Before you start, it is important to prepare a script or a detailed plan for each episode, choosing the topics to cover, the speakers and the tone of voice to adopt. And don’t forget to make a perfectly packaged intro and outro!

Tip: You can also include recurring topics to create a unique identity for your podcast. These sections will allow you to create a real recurrence in your episodes, like a “date” with your listeners. 🥰

Let’s start recording your first episodes! 🎙️

Once the content is ready, it’s time to record your podcast. We recommend that you use quality equipment to ensure good sound quality and to avoid disturbing your listeners. Also very important: choose a quiet and isolated place to avoid background noise and reverb.

Tip: Robin has prepared a blog post with the best microphones to record his podcast. Check it out now!

Time to edit ✂️

Once you are done recording your internal podcast, its time to pull out the editing software and get to work! Edit to improve the audio quality, cut out any mistakes, and rearrange segments as needed. If you have prepared well, you should not need to do a ton of editing.

By following these steps, you will create an effective internal podcast to improve your company’s internal communication. Remember, creating a podcast is an ongoing process, and it’s important to measure the impact of your podcast and adjust accordingly. 🚀

How to distribute and promote your internal podcast?

The distribution and promotion of Internal Company Podcasts are key steps to maximize its impact on the internal communication of your company. The objective is to be heard by the target audience for which you have created this audio content. You must therefore communicate about your show to them.

For this, you’ve got two possibilities:

Use your internal communication levers

First of all, distribute your internal podcast on your company’s intranet. Create a page or channel on Slack or Teams dedicated to your show and then, publish each episode by sharing the Ausha Smartplayer. 🎧 

Internal newsletters are also an effective way to promote your internal podcast to employees. 💌 Send a regular newsletter to inform them of the latest episodes and encourage them to listen.

The company’s social networks can also be used to promote your internal podcast. 📱

In addition to these tips, communicate about your private podcast at internal events with all your employees, such as team meetings or seminars. 🥳 Contests or games can also be a good way to encourage employees to listen and share the podcast.

Make your internal podcast public

Some companies that have launched a podcast for their employees still decide to release their internal show on listening platforms for easy access. 🎧

I’m sure you listen to your podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Deezer! Imagine if you had to go to another platform to listen to your company’s podcast… Not practical! 😫

With this method, the brand doesn’t communicate publicly about its internal show but offers its employees the easiest way to access it!

3 examples of internal podcast

Because it’s internal, it’s also confidential.. So I don’t have many examples to show you. However, some companies have decided to make their show public after a certain number of episodes to facilitate access and listening. 🎧

The example of Decathlon


Decathlon is a concrete example. In July 2022, the brand created an internal podcast for its employees called “Radio Moquette“. This podcast allows Decathlon employees to follow the brand’s news with employee profiles, local initiatives, athlete profiles, sports tips, and more

The goal is to bring the brand closer to its employees, adding value and inviting itself into their daily lives. 🥰

The example of Dalkia

Dalkia Internal Podcast

Dalkia, a subsidiary of the EDF Group specializing in renewable and recovered energy, is another example of an internal podcast that has been made public. 

In its podcast entitled “Faire de l’engagement une réalité” Dalkia unveils its CSR report by having five of its employees testify about the fundamental pillars of the brand’s CSR policy. 🌿🌱 This podcast is clearly aimed at employees, as the CSR report is usually an internal document. 

By making it accessible to everyone, the brand makes it easier to listen to and access this important content and benefits from enhancing its brand image at the same time.

The example of Ausha

At Ausha, we have also created an internal podcast called “The Podtrait” which is now an essential step in the onboarding of a newcomer. The concept of this podcast is simple: each new member of Ausha is interviewed by his or her colleagues in an original and offbeat way. Then, he or she has to edit their own podcast to be published on Ausha.

This internal podcast allows new employees to test our platform and get familiar with it in a fun way. 💜 Not to mention, this podcast allows other team members to get to know their new colleagues in a fun way.

These internal podcast examples illustrate the variety of content and formats that corporate podcasts can take on. While we can’t access every internal podcast, it’s clear that brands are finding real value in using them to strengthen their internal communication and improve their corporate culture.

Internal Company Podcasts are an effective communication tool that can strengthen company culture, improve collaboration, and keep employees informed about the latest company news. 😁

“Thanks to its flexibility and ability to adapt to different formats, the internal podcast can be used for a variety of purposes, from training to promoting new products.”

In this article, we have explored the different steps to create and deliver an internal podcast, from defining the format to promoting it to employees. We have also presented several examples of internal podcasts in different industries, demonstrating the diversity and relevance of this internal communication tool.

The internal podcast is a modern and attractive internal communication solution. If you are ready to embark on the podcast adventure, follow the steps presented in this article and get inspired by the examples we have provided to find the format that best suits your company. 💪

We hope this article has been helpful and inspiring for your internal podcast project. Please feel free to contact us to set up this audio project. 💜

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