How to Listen to a Podcast


How to Listen to a Podcast

Keep reading to not only see how to listen to a podcast, but also find out some suggestions on shows to listen to!

April 27, 2018 • About 4 min. read

If you want to start a podcast you probably already know how to listen to a podcast. But you can never be too sure:

Do you want to be that awesome person that starts all of their sentences by, “I listened to a great podcast yesterday…”

But, you’re finding that listening to podcasts is a bit of an obstacle course. Well, don’t panic, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to getting you on the right track so that you never miss a single episode of your favorite show.

When to listen to podcasts? 

What’s great with podcasts is that you can listen to them whenever and wherever you want. Whether you listen online, or offline by downloading episodes.

Depending on your desires and habits, you may prefer one method over another (or both). Ask yourself, where do you like to listen to your podcasts? In the car? At work? At the gym? Or simply at home with a cup of coffee. This will give you an idea as to which listening mode to choose.

Where to find podcasts?

Podcasts are everywhere. You can listen to them on any medium that supports an audio format: from your Smart TV to an old iPod, there are tons of solutions. The most common way though, is listening on your computer or on a smartphone with a listening application for example. Depending on what you use and your way of consuming media, you can find your podcasts in various places.

How to listen to a podcast on websites

Already know which podcast you want to listen to? Head over to their website. This is a fairly practical method, especially when several podcasts are grouped together. For example, this is the case with podcast production and distribution companies such as Gimlet or Radiotopia. More recently, radio stations have also started rebroadcasting their programs (which they also call podcasts), so you can find your favorite shows on their websites. However, be careful, not all websites allow you to download podcasts.

How to listen to a podcast on listening platforms

Podcasts have made a name for themselves alongside music on most streaming platforms. If SoundCloud has long been used by musicians, podcasters have also made their way on the platform. Deezer and Spotify are more examples of music streaming platforms where you can now listen to podcasts. The advantage of these platforms is that you can subscribe to your chosen podcasts and receive new episodes as soon as they’re released.

Unsurprisingly, iTunes remains the most popular platform for listening to and discovering podcasts. You can rate and comment on favorite podcasts, which encourages content creators. Here you will also be able to download podcasts and listen to them later offline.

How to listen to a podcast on applications

Apps that you can download directly to your smartphone are also an effective way to listen to your podcasts wherever and whenever.

Apple Podcasts: The app is directly integrated on the iPhone. How convenient!

Podcast & Radio Addict: Available on Android, PodcastAddict is the most popular app with an incredibly comprehensive library.

Our Selection: 

If you’re still lost as to which podcasts to listen to, here’s a selection of our team’s favorite podcasts to help ease your way into this wonderful world:

  • The Allusionist: A witty and educational podcast about language and etymology, hosted by the brilliant Helen Zaltzman.
  • No Such Thing As A Fish: A weekly British podcast series in which “The QI Elves” present their favorite fact that they’ve recently come across. In preparation for your next quiz night.
  • My Dad Wrote A Porno: What would you do if you discovered that your Dad had written an erotic novella during his spare time? In Jamie Morton’s case, he decided that it would be a good idea to invite around two of his university friends to record a number of readings from a series of books called Belinda Blinked. Very smutty. Very funny.
  • The Secret Room: A podcast about the true stories no one ever tells. A must-listen if you love binging on secrets.
  • Welcome to Night Vale: A fortnightly podcast in the style of a radio show, reporting on the strange events that occur within the small fictional town of Night Vale. Strange and incredibly immersive.

Want more? Send us a message at [email protected] & we’ll send you a new podcast to discover!

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