Manage all the marketing and communications for your podcast directly from the Ausha Communication Module


Manage all the marketing and communications for your podcast directly from the Ausha Communication Module

Because we are fully aware that marketing your podcast takes up a lot of time, we've made life easier for you here at Ausha by putting all the marketing tools you need to get your podcast to take off in one place. Yes, you did read that correctly: all in one place! And the name for this is the Communications Module

October 7, 2021 • About 4 min. read

Ausha Communications Module

The new Ausha Communications Module brings all the marketing and communications tools you need to make your podcast really take off, together in one place. Available within one tab, you’ll find:

  • The video clips library 🎬
  • The SmartPlayer 🎧
  • The SmartLink 📱
  • The website dedicated to your podcast 💻
  • The newsletter 💌
  • A configuration section ⚙️ where you can connect your Ausha account to other tools (social networks, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.)

We’ll show you all these features in this article. Follow the guide! 😎

A space dedicated for marketing and communicating about your podcast.

You no longer need to navigate between 20 different tabs at the same time, or even open separate pages for your dozens of different marketing and communications tools. Everything is now available in the same place with the Ausha Communications Module. 🚀

The Communications Module is also where you’ll be able to configure your Ausha account to connect to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. 📱

This will then allow you to use the Autosharing feature and thus plan and schedule your posts on your favorite social networks, all automatically from the Ausha platform. 😃

Access all your video clips from the library

Inside this new communications tab, you’ll have access to a special space dedicated to the video extracts for your episodes: the clips library. 🎬 Within it, you’ll be able to access all the video clips you’ve created so far, and it’s also from this page that you’ll be able to (re)download them. 💪

To make it easier to share them on social networks, each video clip has a QR code associated with it that enables you to download it directly to your cellphone and circulate it to all your subscribers. 🥰

Video clips library in the Ausha Communications Menu

From the clips library, you can now create brand-new video clips independently of the episode publication process. All you have to do is simply select the episode from which you want to produce a video extract. 🎧

What’s also new is that you can now customize your video clips to a greater extent 🖼️ by choosing whether or not to display the waveform and the titles, by selecting the color for the clips, and by deciding whether to make the image appear in the center or full width.

Manage your SmartPlayer and your SmartLink in the same place

You’ll also find access to your SmartPlayer available in the Communications Module.

Share it with your invitees to take advantage of the power of their community and boost your listens. They’ll then be able to integrate the responsive audio player into their websites and thus spread the word about your podcast. 💻

SmartPlayer from the communications module

Customize the color, size and mode (light or dark) of your SmartPlayer from this tab to ensure it’s perfectly aligned with the brand image conveyed by your podcast.

One of the essential tools to use to help get your podcast off the ground is the SmartLink. 🚀 The URL of your SmartLink (or unique listening link) is designed to be copied and pasted into the eponymously named tab found inside the Communications Module. 😃

SmartLink facility in the Ausha Communications Module

Configure your newsletter within the Ausha Communications Module

The key to making your podcast visible everywhere is marketing and communicating on all possible communication channels. 📣 And among these is the newsletter. 💌 This new Communications Module enables you to configure and automate your emails to be sent out as soon as your episode is online.

This gives you a formidable communications lever you can use to inform your most faithful listeners about the release of your latest episode. 🥰

Newsletter facility in the Communications Module

Configure your marketing and communications tools from the Communications Module

Some of the communications tools and facilities need to first be configured prior to using them (such as Autosharing). To enable you to do this, the Communications Module contains a “configuration” section ⚙️ in which you can set the various options and parameters for them.

It’s here that you’ll connect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to your Ausha account. You’ll then be able to use Autosharing to publish your posts automatically from our platform. 📱

Configure Autosharing from the communications module

From this tab, you can also connect your Google Analytics to the Ausha website dedicated to your podcast. This will then enable you to track the visits to your personal website originating from this page. 📈 Integrate your Facebook Pixel too so that you’ll be able to launch a retargeting campaign aimed at your listeners.🕴️

Finally, and still in the configuration section of the Communications Module, enter the external links that will appear by default on your website. 🔗

If you’d like to learn more about this new Communications Module, Ausha CEO Maxime Piquette has put together a video in which he explains everything! 💜

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