Boost your SEO Growth with AI-Powered Transcription, Ausha’s new feature

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Boost your SEO Growth with AI-Powered Transcription, Ausha’s new feature

Who said podcasting was just about hitting 'record'? Today, catching the spotlight means more than just being heard—it's about being found, being accessible, and being heard by as many people as possible. 🔥

April 11, 2024 • About 6 min. read

Transcription Ausha

But let’s get real: carving out your niche in this crowded space can feel like finding a needle in a digital haystack. Many podcasters feel like they’re whispering into the void, desperate to cut through the chatter and captivate not just the ears but also the eyes of listeners everywhere. 👀

With Ausha’s newest feature, prepare to enhance your podcast’s SEO strategy like never before, making your content more accessible and visible to audiences far and wide. 🚀

This isn’t just an improvement; it’s a strategic shift towards ensuring your podcast doesn’t just resonate in the ears of your listeners but also stands out on search engine results pages.

Embrace Ausha’s latest feature to bridge the gap between sound and searchability, extending your reach beyond traditional listening platforms. 

Meet Your Podcast’s New Plus-One: Ausha’s AI-Powered Transcription Feature

Welcome a nifty newcomer into your Podcast Marketing Tools Family: Ausha’s Transcription feature. 🔥

Think of it as the smart addition you didn’t know you needed, blending sophisticated tech with an approachable design. This feature isn’t about turning the world on its head; it’s about adding a layer of polish and accessibility to your podcasting routine.

Generate transcription with just one click, and watch as our AI smoothly distinguishes between speakers, making your content clearer than ever.

With a variety of editing tools at your disposal, this new feature stands ready to streamline your workflow, ensuring your podcast not only sounds good but also reads well. Dive into simplicity, precision, and convenience—all courtesy of your familiar Ausha environment.

Why use Transcription for your podcast?

👉 Read our Blog Post about the why you should generate Transcription for your episodes.

Elevate Your Podcast’s SEO and discoverability 🌟

Thanks to our AI Speech-To-Text technology, every word you speak enriches your Ausha Website making your podcast fully searchable on Search Engines like Google.

Each transcribed episode represents an opportunity to connect with a new audience member, cleverly enhancing your podcast’s SEO and overall visibility.

Broadening Your Listener Base 👐

Welcome a wider audience to your podcasting world. Ausha’s Transcription helps make your content more accessible, catering to the hearing-impaired or those who prefer reading over listening.

It’s about opening your podcast’s doors wider, fostering an inclusive environment that welcomes listeners from all walks of life.

Transform your podcast into any format with Speech-to-Text 💡

Transform your audio content into valuable written assets, enriching the descriptions of your episodes, enhancing your blog posts, and energizing your social media presence.

This seamless integration of transcribed content into your digital footprint makes repurposing content effortless.

Imagine crafting detailed blog posts that dive deeper into your episode topics, creating engaging social media posts that spark conversations, or creating metadata that draw your audience back to your podcast.

Why Ausha’s Transcription Stands Apart

Streamlined Integration of Transcription 🔄

Bid farewell to the juggle of disparate tools for transcription needs. Ausha’s Transcription melds smoothly into our platform, offering you a streamlined, integrated experience.

We integrate our Transcription service directly into the episode publication form, reinforcing the all-in-one aspect of our solution. This ensures a seamless user experience, allowing you, podcast creators, to focus on what you do best: creating engaging content.

Scanning your metadata in advance 👀

To provide you with the most perfect and complete transcription right from the first draft, our AI will scan the metadata you have provided for the specific episode in advance to draw inspiration from the vocabulary used.

This way, even your proper nouns will be analyzed before the transcription, thus ensuring they are perfectly transcribed in your text content. 💁‍♀️

Harness the Power of AI-Powered Transcription 💡

To offer the most accurate and efficient transcription service possible, we have partnered with, a French company at the forefront of Speech-to-Text technology.

This collaboration guarantees our users not only 95% accurate transcriptions compliant with GDPR standards but also unprecedented service speed (30 minutes of audio processed in less than 5 minutes).

Podcasters can transcribe audio content in 99 languages with the same accuracy for each. Although English is often favored by transcription tools, less dominant languages enjoy the same accuracy thanks to

Make It Yours with Editable Transcripts ✏️

Your words, your control.

Ausha’s transcription service goes beyond just converting speech to text; it gives you the reins. Dive into our user-friendly interface to edit transcripts directly within Ausha

Spot a mistake or missing text? No problem. Our unique confidence rate system highlights words that may need a second look, making it easy for you to ensure your transcript is just as polished as your podcast.

Spotlight on Speaker Identification 🔍

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity. 

Our automatic speaker identification feature effortlessly labels different voices throughout your transcript. 🗣️ This means easier editing, better readability, and a smoother listener experience.

Assign names, add new speakers, and ensure your audience knows who’s who, transforming your transcript into a clear map of your podcast’s conversation landscape.

Navigate with Ease: Timestamps and Playback ⏱️

Every few sentences, find a timestamp in your transcript, a simple tool that transforms how you interact with your content.

Want to verify a section or relive a moment? Click and play. Paired with our karaoke-style playback, following along with the audio while checking the text becomes not just easy, but enjoyable. This feature ensures that every word is accounted for and every moment is captured.

Karaoke Effect: Synch audio with text illumination 🎤

Transcription Karaoke Effect

You like singing? Great! Meet the Karaoke Effect, where audio syncs with highlighted text, making editing less of a chore and more of a breeze.

As you play your audio, the corresponding text lights up, guiding you through your edits as smoothly as sliding into a song’s chorus. It’s about pinpointing exactly where you are in the script with the ease of a practiced singer.

Supporting Podcasting 2.0 😎

Ausha is not just about the present but also the future of podcasting. By supporting the Podcasting 2.0 initiative, Ausha emphasizes its commitment to innovation within the podcasting community. 

The podcast:transcript feature, part of Podcasting 2.0 standards, allows for enriched podcast metadata, enhancing discoverability and accessibility across platforms. This alignment with Podcasting 2.0 standards reflects Ausha’s vision to be at the forefront of podcasting technology, driving the industry forward.

Bannière Transcription_Benchmark

Try Ausha’s Transcription now

The Ausha Transcription Service, powered by AI, is now available to all users of the platform, regardless of your subscription plan.

Only your monthly quota of transcribed minutes changes according to your plan:

  • Launch Plan: 60 min/month
  • Boost Plan: 120 min/month
  • Supersonic Plan: 240 min/month
  • Ausha Pro Plan: Contact our Sales team to learn more.

So it’s now your turn to play! 🤩

Log in to Ausha now and generate your first transcriptions. Need advice or suggestions? Contact our team of Podcast Marketing Experts through the chat. We’d be delighted to assist you with using this new feature. 🚀

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