How to Generate the Transcription for my Podcast


How to Generate the Transcription for my Podcast

Your podcast transcription is a key step in your podcast journey! It will help improve your SEO to increase your number of listeners… and who doesn’t want that!

April 26, 2022 • About 7 min. read

What is the point of doing a podcast transcription? 📝

You’ve already taken the time to write, record, and edit your podcast… now you’re thinking, how could there be more to do?

Well I hate to burst your bubble, but you will need to do the transcription of your podcast! 

Why, you ask? 🤔 

There are a few reasons… and each podcaster may not understand all of them so I’m here to tell you! 

Be accessible to all 🙈🙉🙊

➡️ First, and a very important reason to transcribe your podcast, is for those that are hard of hearing, or deaf. 

  • You want everyone to be able to enjoy your content, in any way possible. 
  • This will allow anyone to read your audio file transcripts and understand what your podcast is about to increase your content audience. 📈

Be understood by everyone 😃

➡️  A second reason is for those that may not speak the language of your podcast natively. This may not be the most popular reason but still it’s important! 

  • Speaking from experience here, it’s very helpful to be able to read the transcript of podcasts that may not be in your mother tongue. 
  • It not only allows you to help learn the language, but also can increase your number of listeners if they know they can check the transcript for a word they may not have understood. 🤓

Be seen everywhere (with additional content) 👀

➡️  Thirdly, it will allow you to reach a larger target audience by having more content that you can share. 📣 

  • When creating a podcast it is always good to have as much content as possible…making it necessary to create transcriptions of all your podcasts. 
  • It allows your listeners to share your content with more people. 

For example, they could share your transcript with those around them that may not listen to that many podcasts but who prefer to read a text file. 📄

Make Google happy with your podcast transcription 🤖

➡️  Finally, and some may say most importantly, transcribing your podcasts will help you to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 💻

  • When people search in Google you want to ensure that your podcast will come up at the top of the results, and having transcriptions of your podcasts can help you achieve this!
  • Using keywords throughout your transcription is the best way to enhance your SEO. 🔥 
  • Google will look for keywords within your content ➡ the more keywords, the higher your podcast will be in the search results! 

The problem is: being able to search for audio content is not as simple when it comes to search engines. 😥 

But don’t worry! We have the solution: 

When you create a transcription for your podcast, the search engines notice keywords in the text which can increase your podcast’s online visibility… and who doesn’t want that! 🏆

How can I do my podcast transcription?

Now that you know your podcast transcription is essential… and trust me, it is, you may be asking well how can I do it? And luckily there are many options that you can choose from!

Write your podcast transcription yourself ✏️

➡️  The first, and most economical option, is to write the transcription yourself.

But it is also the most time consuming. ⌛️

You will have to sit and listen to your podcast and type up everything you’ve said… and let’s face it we both know you would rather use this time to create new content and record new podcasts. 🎙 

Use Youtube for your podcast transcription 📹

➡️  So there is another option that is also free and will take just a bit less time: 

  • You can turn your podcast into a video on Youtube and it will automatically generate subtitles for you with its software, which you can then download as a transcript.

While this may appear to be the best option, these subtitles don’t have the best accuracy and you will have to take the time to go through and correct the whole transcript which can be a bit complicated. 😵‍💫

Note: If you want to know more about distributing your podcast on Youtube, read this article: How to distribute your podcast on Youtube?

Outsource your podcast transcription to an external service 🤝

➡️  A third option is to use an external transcription service, like Descript, where you can pay for their transcribing services. 

  • You can send them your audio file and they will transcribe it into a text for you.
  • This option is good, but can be expensive with some services charging by the minute and others per podcast.
  • So if you’re doing a lot of podcasts, (which is great) this could add up quickly! 💰 

➡️  A similar option is outsourcing your podcast to be transcribed, but again this is another rather expensive option. 

  • And for independent podcasters it may be best to try something else when transcribing your podcasts. 

Choose Ausha and let us do it for you 💜

➡️  Finally, our last (and maybe best) option is to create your transcriptions on Ausha’s platform.

  • You can simply create a video clip on Ausha and it will automatically generate the transcription of your episode for you! 
  • This is included with your Ausha subscription, which makes it the most practical option. 👌 

While it can be hard to know which exactly is the best transcription service for your podcast, you have many options: free, expensive, time-consuming, and simple, all of which will help you get your desired transcript in the end. 

All of these services that are offered will be able to take your audio or video clip and create the transcript that you need, which is really a win, win! 😁 

Where will my podcast transcription show up? 📍  

The transcription is done! 🎉  Great! But now, you’re maybe wondering, how will I be able to use this new content to my advantage and know where I can find my new (and amazing) podcast transcriptions?  

➡️  First, you can create a blog post based off of your transcripts.

  • This is a super efficient way to use your content because you already have the format of the blog post made from your transcription! 
  • What a better way to save time and get back to writing new episodes. ✏️ 
  • You can do this on your podcast website, which is great for your listeners, so that they have your podcast, transcription, and blog all in one place! 👍 

⚠️  This will also improve your SEO because it gives the search engines more text that they can notice, instead of just the audio or video files that they cannot recognize. 🔎 

➡️  Your transcription will also come up in the form of subtitles on your video clips that you have created… giving you even more content that you can share. 

This will improve your SEO too because Google can read the subtitles which can lead to more views for your videos, and more listeners for your podcast. 

➡️  A third place where your podcast transcription can show up is in the description of your podcast. 

When writing the description of your podcast, add a link to your transcript or a place where your listeners can download it, so they can access it easily and quickly, ⏱ straight from the podcast! 

With all the increases in audio and video content that we can create (like our favorite…podcasts), it’s important that we are able to create text files that can be added to our content reservoir so we can keep improving our SEO and thus boost our number of listeners! 😊 

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