Choosing wisely your podcast host


Choosing wisely your podcast host

A host is the gateway between the audio files you have recorded on your phone or computer... and the rest of the world. It is therefore an essential step for all podcasters. Your hosting platform can be a real boost for your podcast and a real ally for your success. Provided, of course, to choose it well. Through this ebook, Ausha helps you choose your host according to your podcast project.

In this ebook, discover:


A podcast hosting platform, what for?


The points of attention to bring to choose your host well


A list with all the items that your host must check

You are only 1 click away from your ideal host!

Choosing a host is a mandatory step to be able to distribute your podcast to the whole world. With the boom of this media in recent years, there are more and more on the market and of all kinds. All the proposed platforms may not fully correspond to your project and may slow your success. With this guide, no more doubts! Ausha gives you directly all the elements that you should pay particular attention to before choosing your hosting platform. Among these elements: unlimited storage, marketing tools, advanced analytics, personalized branding...