How to find and develop your podcast audience?


How to find and develop your podcast audience?

This e-book gives you all the key tips to increase your number of downloads while using the maximum number of communication tools. SEO, social media, newsletter, Youtube, listening platforms: expand your audience on all channels. For this there are 7 concrete actions to take. How to make your episodes visible everywhere? How to effectively communicate about your podcast? How to know your audience perfectly? Discover all the answers to these questions and even more in this e-book.

In this e-book, you will learn:

  How to target your audience well

  The importance of distributing your podcast everywhere

  How to optimize the SEO of your podcast

  How to communicate well on social media

Each podcast has its audience

Knowing your podcast, is the base when launching a podcast. You must consider a podcast like you consider a product or service. And you wouldn't communicate about a product or service without fully knowing its core target. To define your listener-persona (or listener-type), is almost the hardest part. Because you will see that the points of contact, and tools you use, and the type of message will define themselves. This is what we'll let you discover in this e-book.