Listener Journey: Three steps to really make your podcast take off


Listener Journey: Three steps to really make your podcast take off

Due to the boom of the podcast format in recent years, the issue is no longer the creation of a show but its visibility. How do you get listeners to find your podcast, click on "play" and talk about it with those around them? To help you develop your communication strategy, Ausha has created the Listener Journey process. This three-step process allows you to turn your most loyal listeners into ambassadors.

In this template, you'll find:


The three goals for each stage of the Listener Journey are: awareness, activation and retention


An example of a Listener Journey from a fictitious podcast


A blank Listener Journey template


A link to a Google Slides document with the journey template to be filled in directly

Create your Listener Persona and be more efficient in your communications!

If you merely produce audio content, disseminate it on listening platforms and let it live on its own without ever promoting it, you'll never succeed in developing a truly sustainable and engaged audience. Eric Vernett defines marketing as "the act of creating a lasting relationship with the consumer by offering them a connection, not just a product."
That's a great goal! By having a marketing vision for their podcasts, audio content creators put themselves in their listeners' shoes and are thus better able to build strong relationships with them.
With Podcast Marketing, podcasters identify the steps they need to take to turn complete strangers into ambassadors for their podcasts. This is what we call the Listener Journey at Ausha.