How to monetize your podcasts

In this article, you'll finally get to grips with how to monetize your podcasts in less than five minutes!




Many podcasters around the world today live their passion. These few examples encourage more and more podcasters to monetize their own podcasts in order to generate revenue. We’ll be looking at how to monetize your podcasts. However, don’t expect to be able to live off your podcast earning from the very start! Think of it as a supplement to your current income or a way to make the adventure viable. Generating money through your podcasts will take time, creativity and rigor. Now that the introduction is over, let's get practical!

The means to monetize your podcast

The best way to generate money thanks to your podcast is to offer products or services related to your creations. However, there are other ways which can be found below.

  • An Online Store

    Why not create an online store? This is a great way to make money while increasing your visibility. Create t-shirts or a tote bag with the logo of your podcast and make a profit!

    The little trick that will change everything: add a little bit of extra love and attention when you send the order, take for instance, a thank you message. A small gesture that will not cost you much and that will surely delight your listeners.

  • Affiliation

    Affiliation is a very popular technique on the Internet. It allows you to sell or recommend products from another site while earning a commission. In order to earn money with this technique, you’re going to need a website. Your income can increase incredibly quickly.

    However, we suggest that you only recommend products related to the subject of your podcast in order to respect your listeners.

  • Partnership

    Take advantage of your position as a micro-influencer to establish paid partnerships! You currently have a committed community around your podcasts which also gives you a lot of credibility. It might be worth putting your credibility to good use by promoting products, trips or activities to your listeners. How?

    Contact specialized advertising agencies and inform them of the number of downloads and the theme of your podcasts.

  • Design

    More and more brands are getting into podcasting because they have finally realized that it’s a great way to tell stories or work on their brand content while fully captivating their targets.

    So why not take advantage of your experience to offer your skills and know-how to professionals? You could approach them and propose a series of custom podcasts, independent of your main podcast.

  • Subscription

    For better or for worse, your listeners are now completely addicted to your podcast. So why not take advantage of this dependence and offer exclusive content which is only accessible with a subscription of $2.99 / month, for example?

    The first impression of your exclusive content will be crucial. If you’re able to captivate listeners with your new content, it’s highly likely that you will gain new subscribers via word of mouth.

Again, in order for these different monetization techniques to be effective, your podcasts will need to attract a significant number of listeners. We suggest that you check out our various lessons on how to launch a successful podcast.

Monetize your podcast thanks to crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is widely acclaimed by podcasters, but what is it exactly? Put simply, people discover your work and can opt to support you financially in your approach by giving you a single or recurring financial donation.

Advertizing agencies


For many brands, your podcast is synonymous with advertising space. So why not use it to round off your ends of the month and pay the costs of hosting your podcasts or other expenses.

Thanks to Google's Adsense, you can embed advertising inserts on your website or blog to run ads that correspond with your audience. Be careful not to go over the top with these ads, especially if you’re just starting your adventure. Moreover, most of your listening will surely be done from iTunes or other directories. Adsense ads should be viewed as a source of additional income that can be boosted by inviting your listeners to view content on your website or blog.

Finally, it’s also possible to directly approach advertizing agencies in order to offer advertisers a space in the introduction of your podcast. If you still don’t feel able to offer your podcast to various existing agencies, why not subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed of this opportunity with Ausha!

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