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Without proper promotion, your show might never be found and listened to. 

Ausha is here to help you build a successful podcast.

The four pillars of success for your podcast

Be visible everywhere

There are more than 20 different podcasting directories out there. Some people like Apple Podcasts, other prefer Spotify. By distributing your show on all listening platforms, you’re making sure anyone can find you. With Ausha, it only takes 1 click to share your podcasts on all the most important platforms.

Know your listeners

The first question you should ask yourself is: ‘who is likely to listen to my show?’. If you can answer this question, it will be easier to get their attention with the right promotional material.

Increase your downloads

1/3 of podcast listeners discovered a new show on social media. That’s why it’s so important to create shareable bite-size content pieces that will boost your discoverability. Ausha helps you do that with the Video Clip Generator, Automated Captions and integrated Social Media Manager.

Convert Listeners into fans

Publish on a regular basis and let your listeners know what they can expect. They’ll be more likely to come back for your next episodes!

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