How to Convince Your Boss (or Clients) to Launch a Branded Podcast: Winning the Podcast Pitch


How to Convince Your Boss (or Clients) to Launch a Branded Podcast: Winning the Podcast Pitch

As communications or marketing professionals, you're always on the lookout for the latest trends. How can you appear more modern and innovative? How do you stay ahead of your competitors? How can you better connect with your target audience? What about launching a branded podcast?

May 3, 2024 • About 8 min. read


Branded Podcast has been the talk of the town for a few years now and this format has proven to be an effective communication channel for enhancing brand recognition and image. You’ve found yourself intrigued by this way to learn and enrich your knowledge, and you’re brimming with ideas to amplify your brand’s presence everywhere.

You’re even concerned that your competitors might get ahead by launching their shows first. 😣

The problem is, even if you’re 100% convinced of the power of podcasts, how do you convince your clients or superiors? Unfortunately, “doing a podcast just because everyone else is” isn’t a very strong argument.

But don’t worry, we have plenty of compelling reasons! 🥳

This Blog Post provides you with answers to any objections your boss (or clients!) might have.

And soon, you’ll see, they’ll become your most loyal listener! 🎧

Objection #1: “What’s a ‘potcass’?” (meaning ‘podcast’)

Before you even start negotiating with your boss, it might be helpful to start with the basics: what is a podcast?

There are actually 2 types ✌️

  • It could be audio content created by an independent individual or a brand on a specific topic.
  • It might be the replay of a radio show broadcasted live.
  • Or it could be audio from a video published on listening platforms.

A podcast can be listened to on a lot of listening apps like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, or Amazon Music. 

The main advantage of this format is that you can listen to it anywhere and at any time. 

Unlike a video or a blog article that requires full attention, podcasts allow listeners to multitask.

Podcast Distribution

Objection #2: “No one listens to podcasts.”

Hum, excuse-me, what? 😆Just because you don’t listen to podcasts doesn’t mean the rest of the world doesn’t either.

Today, podcasts are no longer just a fad; they are a bona fide channel that brands need to leverage now if they want to connect with today’s generation.

The growing number of platforms and listeners shows that the podcast market is far from saturated—it’s waiting for you!

Objection #3: “We have nothing to say.”

Your brand or company is built on unique values and stories, starting from when it was founded to the contributions of the people making it a success today.

These elements are perfect for creating your own branded podcast. ✨ Podcasts let you communicate in fresh ways and truly connect with your audience.

To create a successful podcast, think about these questions:

  • Who are the key people in your company?
  • Do you want to feature your customers, employees, or partners?
  • What expertise does your brand have?
  • What are your brand’s values, and how can you express these in your podcast?
  • What topics are you qualified to discuss?
  • What issues do your customers face, and how can you address these in your podcast?

The aim is to build a closer connection with your audience by delivering your message in a more personal way. 🥰 Avoid turning it into a long ad—no one wants to listen to a 30-minute commercial!


Objection #4: “We don’t know how to do it.”

Of course, podcasting might not be your primary expertise, but that’s no reason not to try

There are several ways to get started:

1. Hire professionals

There are many agencies that can help you throughout the creation of your show, whether you already have a podcast idea or not..

Utilizing a specialized agency to produce a podcast can streamline the entire process and elevate the quality of the final product. Agencies that focus on podcast production are equipped with both the technical expertise and creative insight needed to transform an idea into a polished audio experience.

They typically handle everything from initial concept development and scripting to recording, editing, and post-production. Additionally, such agencies often possess a wealth of industry knowledge about audience engagement strategies, SEO optimization for podcasts, and effective marketing techniques to increase listenership. 🚀


2. Do your branded podcast yourself

Alternatively, you can train yourself in this new format, learn how to handle a microphone and a mixing board, and try your hand at editing.

There are numerous courses (some certified) that can teach you how to create a branded podcast in just a few weeks.

3. Follow advice from Ausha 💜

Finally, you can explore the various resources offered by Ausha, a pioneer in Podcast Marketing.

Get expert guidance from Ausha throughout your project, participate in our monthly webinars and leave with numerous tips and tricks. Listen to Tips, the podcast to launch and boost your podcast’s growth.

Browse all our blog articles on the Ausha website, and watch our YouTube videos on the Ausha France channel.

Objection #5: “We don’t have the budget.”

Understandably, budget is a critical consideration for any new initiative.

However, launching a podcast may not require as significant an investment as we might expect. The basic equipment needed to start a podcast can be quite affordable.

What you need at a minimum:

  • A microphone (like the Blue Yeti, for example)
  • A computer (Mac or PC)
  • A pop filter (to smoothly pronounce plosives)
  • A soundproof space (with cushions or other fabrics to prevent echo)

You can also choose to start with a modest episode format and frequency, scaling up as you grow your listener base and refine your content strategy. This gradual approach allows you to manage costs effectively while still making an impact.

The only thing left to do is select Ausha Pro for hosting and distributing your branded podcast across all major listening platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, YouTube, Podcast Addict, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Reach out to us for a complimentary quote! 💪

Objection #6: “What do we gain from a branded podcast?”

A podcast can significantly enhance your brand’s engagement and reach. It provides a platform to share your expertise and values in a personal and impactful way, which can strengthen your brand identity and customer loyalty. Podcasts are also a powerful tool for storytelling, allowing you to connect with our audience on a deeper level by discussing topics that matter both to us and to them.

Moreover, podcasts can increase our visibility and influence. They make it easier to reach a wider audience, including potential new customers 🥳, by tapping into the growing number of people who prefer audio content over traditional media. They are especially popular among younger demographics who value authenticity and personal connection.

From a strategic standpoint, podcasts offer a unique opportunity for content repurposing which can enhance our overall content marketing efforts. Audio content can be transcribed into blog posts, quotes, and other social media content, maximizing our investment. 💪

Finally, branded podcasts can position us as thought leaders in our industry. By discussing industry trends, challenges, and insights, we not only share valuable content but also build credibility and authority. This can attract partnerships, industry collaborators, and even media attention.


With a podcast, you could answer to several Marketing Goals:

  1. Brand Awareness ⭐

You can break down brand awareness into sub-goals, depending if you are just a small business starting out or you have already established your brand:

  • Brand recognition: Introduce your brand to people, form connections between your brand and related content…
  • Brand elevation: Highlight your brand’s values, Create a bond with listeners through exposure and storytelling, Signal your brand is innovative and in-touch by using podcasting…
  1. Expertise Positioning 😎

Another common goal for branded podcasts is positioning the company and its staff as experts. Branded podcasting is a great medium for this because it gives the company time and space to dig into everything its staff knows about. You can impress your potential clients and partners while also providing value to them!

With this medium, you will engage your target audience more, speak to them differently, and even surprise them. This will make them remember you. Thanks to this, your podcast will have a potential impact on your customer acquisition.

  1. Employee Recruitment 💼

Using podcasts as a recruitment tool has two main advantages:

  • Originality: In a challenging corporate recruitment landscape, some brands are using branded podcast as a unique way to stand out from other employers.
  • Attractiveness: As a new medium, podcasts contribute to modernizing the employer brand image, thereby boosting the company’s attractiveness and its job offers.
  1. Internal Podcast 🤫

Why launching an Internal Podcast for your brand? With rising remote work, companies are seeking fresh ways to build culture and connect staff. Internal podcasts can bridge gaps, even in office-based firms with siloed departments.

  • Internal Training: Create content aimed at employees to enhance their skills.
  • Improving Internal Communication: A good communication strategy helps engage and retain employees.
  • Sharing Confidential Information: With remote work or job roles requiring mobility, podcasts can be an effective channel for sharing internal information.

The journey to launching a branded podcast may be met with skepticism, but armed with the right knowledge and strategies, you can effectively address and overcome any objections. 🚀

By showcasing the numerous benefits—such as enhanced brand visibility, deeper audience engagement, and the establishment of thought leadership—podcasts prove to be more than just a trendy format; they are a strategic asset.

Remember, the key to a successful pitch lies in demonstrating the tangible value podcasts bring to the table, from expanding market reach to enriching the brand’s narrative. So take the plunge, harness the power of podcasts, and watch as your brand’s voice resonates louder and reaches further than ever before.

Join Ausha’s program and tap into the potential of podcasts to transform your marketing strategy and elevate your brand’s impact.

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