The 20 Best Podcast Booking Agencies and Services


The 20 Best Podcast Booking Agencies and Services

Podcast booking agencies can help boost your brand by scheduling you as a guest on podcasts. 🤩

February 9, 2024 • About 12 min. read


IMPORTANT: You don’t have to have your own podcast in order to use a podcast booking agency. You just have to want to be a podcast guest. After all, anyone can use one to help grow their marketing efforts!

In this blog post we are going to highlight the top 20 podcast booking agencies in the business. 🏆

Here they are, in alphabetical order (we would totally order them by color if we could):

20 best podcast booking agencies and services for 2024

1. Call for Content 📞

Call for Content is one of the ‘end-to-end’ podcast booking agencies. That means they start at the very beginning of the process which is refining the message you will bring to podcasting. Then company will help you create a media kit for podcast pitches, increasing your attractiveness as a potential podcast guest. Their team will find your podcasts that have the target audience you want to get your brand in front, then get you booked as a guest on them. After your guest interview, the Call for Content team will help you measure the impact of your appearance and do the right follow-up.

2. Command Your Brand 🫡

Command Your Brand call themselves a “podcast PR firm” that gets you in front of your target audience. They list the average reach of all shows booked from 2021 – 2013 as 4,140 listens per show. The agency promises clients a minimum of 1,000 listens per show. One of the Command Your Brand co-founders, Jeremy Ryan Slate, states that the value of being a podcast guest is “In an age where some views are acceptable and anything that disagrees with it is not, many have been told their viewpoint just isn’t allowed and can’t be discussed... Podcasting allows for long-form conversation and nuance where you can be your own advocate and break through the suppression of views of big tech and the mainstream media.” The agency has booked clients with podcast hosts Elena Cardone, Ryan Michler, Dave Asprey, and many more.

3. Fame 🌠

Fame works on podcast guest booking more from the host side of things. It is a full service podcast agency, making B2B podcasts for companies. They do everything, including the podcast production itself. According to their Frequently Asked Questions, they provide guest booking services for about 60-70% of their clients. Their method is to do deep research through platforms like LinkedIn to find the right guest, then do a personal reach out to them. The agency describes as “Rapidly iterate new guest outreach, production and promotion strategies, bringing you better results, faster.

4. Heartcast Media 💚

Heartcast Media works with both sides of the podcast interview: They work with hosts who are looking to book high quality guests, and with people who want to be high quality podcast guests. They call their work “an executive booking service… every match is hand-selected, vetted, and guaranteed.” The agency promises that all you have to do is pick the time and date for the interview and they do the rest of the work involved on the outreach process. Then, after your podcast episode is published, they will make three clips for you to use on social media in order to really capitalize on content marketing value. Heartcast Media’s founder, Molly Ruland, has been in the booking industry for over twenty years.

5. Interview Connections 🤝

Interview Connections is another one of the podcast booking agencies that works with both podcast hosts and people who hope to be podcast guests. The agency sees podcast interviews as “one of the quickest and most effective ways to build more brand awareness.” Their case studies are full of references to metrics around SEO, target audience reach, content marketing value, authority building, monetizing visibility, etc. Interview Connections claims that its founder, Jessica Rhodes, “invented the podcast guest booking industry” in 2013 when no one else was doing it. The agency does have its own podcast, “Monetize the Mic.”

6. Interview Valet 🤵

By the numbers, in the nine years that Interview Valet has been in the industry they have placed over 1,500 guests in over 7,500 interviews, getting over 200 million listens. The agency’s clients are typically non-fiction authors, coaches, consultants, speakers, and entrepreneurs. Beyond finding target audiences and preparing you for the podcast interviews, Interview Valet also creates custom welcome pages for each interview so you can capture leads. The team also helps promote your interviews on social media, repurpose clips as marketing assess, and create SEO back links. They claim that traffic from podcast interviews converts at a 25-50% visitor-to-lead ration.

7. Kitcaster 🦊

Kitcaster is a podcast booking agency focused on placing clients as podcast interview guests. Specifically the agency works with “funded startup founders, entrepreneurs with exits, and C-Suite execs.” For them, the value of podcasts is that “podcasts cut through the gobbledygook and make fundamentally authentic connections.” Started in 2019, Kitcaster starts every onboarding process by determining your ideal audience, then work to match you with podcasts that have that audience. The Kitcaster team only books guests on podcasts that consistently rank in the top 10% of shows locally, nationally, and globally. It is a “high-touch, white-glove, done-for-you” agency.

8. Lemonpie 🥧

We have no idea why Lemonpie is named Lemonpie, but we like it. A lot. Ok, on to the summary…

Lemonpie calls itself a “podcast PR agency for companies who want to be seen as a market leader.” They pride themselves on receiving top reviews from podcast hosts who receive hundreds of podcast guest pitches all the time, which results in high acceptance rates for their clients. Lemonpie views podcasts as super high quality content marketing that builds trust:Your audience might be scrolling past your ads or skimming your blog, but they’re listening to their favorite podcasts for hours every week while they’re in the car, cooking dinner, or working out.” Lemonpie does have its own podcast where it interviews some of the big brands it represents like SalesForce, HubSpot, and FreshBooks.

9. MatchMaker 👫

While MatchMaker is technically more of a platform than agency, its so well known in this area that we thought we should still add it to the list of best podcast booking agencies.

MatchMaker is a platform where you can make a profile as a guest or a podcast. If you are making a guest profile you highlight your expertise, what you have to offer as an interview guest, and what kind of audience you are hoping to connect with. For a podcast profile, you describe what your host is looking for, your general production process, and what kind of audience you offer. Once you have your profile up and running, you can use the platform to search and filter for guests or podcasts, receive automatic match recommendations, and even send pitch messages and book production dates in the platform itself. MatchMaker does offer a free plan along with its paid plans (to be paid by year or month).

10. Novacast 💡

This podcast booking company says it focuses on sustainable brands. In other words, experts and businesses that have expertise on the cleantech industry or similar interests. The podcasts and client review highlights are mostly entrepreneur focused. The founder, Max Novak, says the value of being a podcast guest is to “create authentic content, grow their brand credibility and authority and essentially, grow their sales.

11. Pearl Lemon Leads 🍋

It appears lemons are surprisingly common theme in the podcast booking business…

Pearl Lemon Leads is a lead generations agency with a podcast booking arm. They highlight the value of being a podcast guest as “you not only increase your brand’s awareness and demonstrate your authority but you also have the opportunity to invite them to join your mailing list and to directly get in touch with you” Plus they mention that it is powerful way to grow your SEO. The Pearl Lemon Leads team will do all the research, outreach, and logistics to book you on a show, plus give you tips on how to write your bio and prepare for the interview.

12. Podcast Ally 😊

Podcast Ally is a podcast booking agency that focuses on four benefits of being a podcast guest: Brand Building, Lead Generation, Making New Contacts, and Shortening the Sales Cycle. They offer different levels of services based on client needs and resources– from completely done-for-you services to giving you the tools to succeed while you book on your own. The company does have its own podcast, aptly named “Podcast Ally.”

13. Podcast Bookers ✍️

The Podcast Bookers company emphasizes the importance of integrating your podcast guest strategy with a strategy to grow your SEO. They make the good point that they have the first spot on Google search results for “podcast booking services,” which shows they know what they are doing… touche! Their team works for both for the guest and host side of booking, primarily in these niches: Book Authors, Marketers and Agencies, Business Coaches, Financial Services, Nutrition Health & Wellness, Tech Companies, and Retail Brands.

14. Podcasting You 🫵

Next on our best podcast booking agencies list is Podcasting You. They work exclusively in the real estate investment industry. Podcasting You describes the value of being a podcast guest as “raise capital, generate more exposure, and increase your networking opportunities.” The business has been around for 6 years, with over 400 clients, and over 6,500 interviews booked. They do get bonus points for listing a dog, Lightning, on their team page.

15. Podchaser Connect ➡️⬅️

Podchaser Connect is the podcast booking arm of Podchaser. As a database of podcast and creator information, it makes sense that Podchaser now uses this information to offer guest booking services. First its team uses its access to podcasts’ metadata and audience demographics to find best fit for guests. Then they help you put together pitch materials. Finally they do the outreach and pitching, scheduling you once you have confirmed the fit. The agency works with universities, government programs, podcast networks, talent agencies, celebrities, and anyone else looking to harness the power of podcast guesting.

16. Podsity 🏙️

Podsity offers the basics of podcast booking services. First they identify your target audience and good affiliate partners. Then they book you. If you go with one of their more expensive plans, they prep you for the interview. Podsity considers itself a cost-effective option. They provide plans that start at $250 per month.

17. Speak on Podcasts 🎙️

Speak on Podcasts is a podcast booking agency for B2B companies and business leaders. They describe the value of being a podcast guest as: “… turning B2B founders and executives into thought leaders and their brands into category stars – our approach gives you the edge on the global stage.” Over the past 3 years they have booked over 2,500 interviews. On top of researching, pitching, and coaching you for your interview, their team will “create and distribute content in your tone of voice to help extend the reach and impact of your podcast interviews.

18. That1 Agency 1️⃣

That1 Agency has a big, bold offer for potential clients: “ACHIEVING OMNIPRESENCE. Empowering Your Impact Beyond Boundaries, Harness the Potential of Aligned Podcasting: Elevate Your Influence, Seize Life-Changing Opportunities, and Fuel Explosive Growth.” They are experts at booking entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, consultants, and speakers. Beyond booking podcast appearances, their team also offers content repurposing, article placement, and brand coaching.

19. The Expert Bookers 🤓

Next on our best podcast booking agencies list is The Expert Bookers. The company offers the traditional services of researching, pitching, and scheduling podcast interviews for their client. They make sure podcasters backlink your episode to their podcast website, social media, and audio platforms so you reap the full SEO benefits of your podcast appearance. The Expert Bookers also note that you should spend more than just a month or two pursuing podcast guesting as a marketing strategy because it takes at least six months to accumulate enough interviews and time to really see good ROI.

20. Your Expert Guest 👋

The podcast booking agency Your Expert Guest offers different levels of services. Their team can simply do the research into best-fit podcasts and then you do the pitching. At this level they do provide you pitch templates and best practices to guide your. Your Expert Guest also offers a full done-for-you service where all you have to do is show up for the interview. The agency focuses on six benefits of being a podcast guest: Boost credibility, improve SEO, access new audiences, build your network, generate sales and leads, and efficiency with your time.

Closing: Finding the Best Podcast Booking Agencies for You

Each potential podcast guest has different needs, different ambitions, and different funding. Before you start your search for the best podcast booking agency for you, take a minute to evaluate. What is your budget? Do you just need guidance or do you need the agency to do the outreach for you? Who is your target audience? How do you want to integrate being a podcast guest with your other marketing efforts? 🤔

You may find that you want a podcast agency that takes care of other podcast work beyond booking.

Then, as you start to reach out to agencies, be sure to ask the right questions. Have they ever successfully booked with the kind of podcasts you want to be on? How do they get their data on listener demographics and number of listens? Most podcast booking agencies bill by the month- what exact do they offer in that month?

This blog post is a good starting point, but it should not be the end of your research. Do your homework! And, as always, enjoy the podcast journey. 🧑‍🚀💜🚀

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