15+ Best Podcast Agency Options for Your Business


15+ Best Podcast Agency Options for Your Business

May 16, 2023 β€’ About 12 min. read

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Finding the right podcast agency for you company’s show is critical. You need a team who will help you take your vision of what podcasting can do for your business and help you make it a reality. 🫑

In this blog post we are going to list some of the best agencies in the business. We are going to organize them by their specialties:

  • Strategy
    • Quill
    • 4DC
    • Motion
    • Content Allies
  • Production
    • Fame
    • Sweet Fish Media
    • Cashflow Podcasting
    • Pacific Content
  • Editing
    • Podcast Fast Track
    • Pod People
    • JAR Audio
    • editaudio
  • Marketing
    • Tink
    • PodSpike
    • Resonate
    • Multitude Productions
  • BONUS: Guest Booking
    • Kitcaster

Ready? Let’s dive in!

CTA Support_ausha

+15 best podcast agencies

First, we will start with podcast agencies that specialize in strategy:



Quill is a full service podcast agency for corporations. Its clients include Microsoft, McKinsey & Company, Expedia, and other well-known North American brands. It has made branded podcasts for tech, financial services, and healthcare businesses, including “The Great Indoors,” “C Suite,” and “Transform It Forward.” 🀩

Quill specializes in strategy. The podcast agency works with companies to identify goals for their podcasts, create custom growth plans, and analyze data to ensure they are hitting their ROI marks. It also helps with series conceptualization and episode planning.

The agency also provides all the production and editing services a podcast needs, as well as show transcripts to boost search engine optimization (SEO). πŸ€–

4DC: The Podcast Strategists


4DC claims to be “the world’s first end-to-end strategic podcast consultancy.” Its team focuses on aligning content, distribution, and promotion before the first episode is ever created. It also helps businesses who have already launched their podcast, but need to reevaluate it. 4DC’s focus is making sure the podcast adds value for a brand and meets clearly set goals. βœ…

The London-based company clients have included MasterCard, GSK, and Rosetta Stone.

In addition to its strategy services, 4DC offers production services including recording studios, video episode creation, and editing. It also manages advertising campaigns if you want to promote your show on other podcasts. πŸ‘



Motion is a podcast agency that specializes in podcasting for tech companies. It has worked with businesses including Cipher, Discover Technologies, and Smart Software. Motion also has eight podcasts of its own, covering all kinds of topics about B2B content marketing. πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

This podcast agency focuses in tech companies because tech companies need to produce new content all the time about the latest innovations and their take on them. Tech companies also have highly skilled people who can usually better and more efficiently explain their expertise through a podcast conversation than a written form of communication.

Along with consultation, Motion also offers video podcast production service. Its pricing tiers are $2,450/ month for a monthly video podcast, $3,950/month for a biweekly video podcast, and $5,995/month for a weekly podcast. πŸ’΅

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Content Allies

Content Allies_podcast_agency

Content Allies is a podcast company that focuses on B2B podcasting. It works with big brands like Meta, Alibaba, and Amazon, but also consults for startups and small businesses. Content Allies has a global team and is based in Denver, Colorado.

This podcast agency consults companies based on three main areas of podcasting benefits: Strategic networking, revenue generation, and reputation building. 😎

Content Allies provides production services as well including guest scheduling, show art work, content repurposing, etc. It also will run growth campaigns— targeted advertising to grow the client’s audience.

Content Allies is confident in its ability to grow your customer base through podcasting. On its website it states that “Based on previous customer experiences, we predict that at least 10% of the podcast interviews you held would turn into a referral or customer relationship.” 😲

Next, we will look at podcast companies that specialize in production:



First on our list of podcast production agencies is Fame. Fame claims to be the largest producer of B2B podcasts in the world with about 100 episodes in the works at a time. They work with companies including United States Steel, WorkDay, and People.AI. πŸ’ͺ

This podcast agency launched in 2019 and now has a team of about fifty workers based around the world. Its team consists of copywriters, audio editors, social engagement specialists, etc.

Fame has made two of its own podcast production tools. First is bCast, a podcast hosting software. The second is Abney, an AI tool for writing podcast content. βš’οΈ

In terms of pricing, the agency charges between $2,500 and $5,000 a month for full service: strategy, design, guest booking, audio and video recording, media editing, and promotion.

Ausha Pro

Sweet Fish Media

Sweet Fish Media_podcast_agency

Sweet Fish Media boldly claims that it will create a podcast for you that “builds affinity and creates an irrational bias toward your B2B brand.” They set the bar at being a memorable podcast, not just good podcast. 😍

They seem to reach that standard. Their ‘Flip My Funnel’ podcast from Terminus has over 100,000 subscribers, and they have a few other similar examples on their website.

Sweet Fish is a full service podcast agency with show production, guest booking, and show promotion services. Their production process has three phases: Launch, Ongoing Production, and Add-Ons (offers not included in standard pricing). πŸŽ™οΈ

For show production, they specialize in B2B shows that increase brand affinity. Their own podcast is even named “B2B Growth.”

Cashflow Podcasting

Cashflow Podcasting_podcast_agency

Cashflow Podcasting specializes in business podcasts. Its website says that B2B podcasting is its “bread and butter.” To date, its podcasts have achieved 14 million downloads with almost 4,000 episodes produced. Its client list includes XY Planning Services and Profit Boss. 🎧

This podcast agency offers two main packages. First is the “Podcast Launch Program.” It includes everything a business leader needs to start a successful podcast: One-on-one coaching, cover artwork, intros and outros, etc. This package is $5,999.

The second package is the “Podcast Partner Service.” It provides ongoing production services for podcasts, including audio production, show notes, etc. The pricing for this plan is $1199/month although some services like video episode production are extra. πŸŽ₯

Pacific Content

Pacific Content_podcast_agency

Pacific Content is a full service podcast agency, including advanced, quality production services. It covers everything from researching for episodes, securing rights to music, to setting up the audio recording.

Its client list includes Ford Motors, Adobe, Charles Schwab, and many more respected brands. It has helped its clients win several major awards like ADWEEK’s 2022 Branded Podcast of the Year, The Webby Awards (2023), Signal Awards (2022), and The Shorty Awards (2022). πŸ†

Pacific Content has a fully staffed, diverse team of creative and business-minded professionals. If you choose this top agency to produce your B2B show, you will be in good hands.

Now, let’s take a look at podcast agencies where you can find high quality editing services:

CTA Agencies Directories

Podcast Fast Track

Podcast Fast Track_podcast_agency

This podcast agency focuses almost exclusively on editing podcasts. They make it very clear that your edits will be done by human experts, not just left to the hands of artificial intelligence. They work to maximize three things in their editing: Comprehension, Quality, and Enjoyment. πŸ’»

Podcast Fast Track does audio editing for several podcasts including “Solopreneur Money,” “Internet of Things,” and “Negotiations Ninja.” It started in 2013 and has over 50 clients now.

The agency has a very simple pricing guide. They charge $150/episode for editing (including mixing). They also offer to make SEO boosting show notes for each episode for $150/episode (including time stamped outline). ✍️

Pod People

Pod People_podcast_agency

Pod People is a full service podcast agency. Their editing work is some of the very best in the business. Their team is spread across all the US time zones so if you choose to work with them, you can be confident in their timeliness as well as their quality. Pod People even uses collaborative client feedback software so you can easily help shape the edit.

You can check out their work across several business podcasts: “All Hands,” “The New Rules of Business,” “Who Dares Wins,” and many, many more. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό

Pod People offers video editing if you choose to create video episodes. They format the files based on the platform: YouTube, Instagram, etc. They will also cut clips that can be used as social media snackable content.

JAR Audio

JAR Audio_podcast_agency

JAR Audio’s tag line is “We solve business problems with podcasts.” Their editing services are part of their full service portfolio. πŸ’Ό

This podcast agency is transparent and thorough with their editing process steps: First their producer produces a paper edit of the audio recording and sends it to their audio engineer. Then, once you approve the edit, they do a fine cut and apply any sound effects needed. Then, from the episode track, the marketing team pulls clips for social media and any other promotional needs.

JAR Audio is very well known in the podcasting industry. It has many top level clients including Lululemon, Royal Bank of Canada, and Cineplex. πŸ‘€

Ausha Pro



This podcast agency has been around for almost ten years. Its team provides the full menu of podcasting services, including editing (hence the name). If you have been looking for a queer-led, woman, non-binary, and trans team to work with, you may want to choose this one. 🌈

editaudio’s work includes “The Stack Overflow Podcast,” “The Postlight Podcast,” and “The AI Element” along with other business shows.

To get any pricing information, you will need to directly reach out to them. πŸ‘‹

Next, let’s take a look at podcast agencies that can help you with marketing your show and achieving audience growth.



Tink labels itself as a podcast growth and discovery company. In other words, this podcast agency helps you with marketing and PR for your show. They do this in a few different ways: Get interviews on other podcasts, advertising, social media, newsletter creation and placement, etc. πŸ‹οΈ

The team is stacked with folks who are experts in both marketing and podcasting: Lauren Passell, Arielle Nissenblatt, Anne Baird, Devin Andrade, Shreya Sharma, Aakshi Sinha, Faybeo’n Mickens, Holly Brown, and Andreea Coscai.

Tink has worked with several well known shows including “There Are No Girls on the Internet,” “Our Body Politic,” and “Family Secrets.” πŸ’ƒ

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Podspike is a marketing agency just for podcasts. Based in London, it offers to help your podcast grab attention with optimized visual content, build status through earned media, and boost subscriber numbers. πŸ“’

This podcast agency offers its services a la carte, meaning you can pick and choose exactly what you need. For example, for around $100 they will send you a tailored-made list of events where you can promote your podcast, plus advice on how to do it. You can get a one-on-one consultation for about $150. For $500 they will feature you on their app until you get at least 100 new podcast subscribers.



Resonate is a podcast agency that offers many different services you can choose from, a la carte. They work with businesses ranging from Fourtune 100-500 companies to entrepreneurs. πŸ€‘

In terms of marketing, they create content and assets that you can then use to implement your growth strategy. This is what they offer: Basic Show Notes ($50), Advanced Shot Notes ($99), Transcription ($1.50/minute), Audiogram ($50), Videogram ($50), Social Card ($25). The turn around time for these is 48-72 hours, with extra an extra charge for rush requests or multiple feedback rounds.

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Multitude is a podcast company with about twenty-five staff members. It is based in Brooklyn, New York and was started in 2017. Its business clients include Netflix, BBC, and Sony Music. πŸ“ˆ

Along with production services, Multitude also offers marketing and PR services. This includes creating a digital social media strategy, planning paid media campaigns, and performing press outreach.

Up next is our ⭐ bonus section! ⭐ This podcasting agency is not meant to help you with your own B2B podcast directly. Instead it serves another important function in B2B podcasting: It helps get you placed as a guest on podcasts:



Kitcaster is a podcast booking agency. They help business leaders get invited to be guests on industry-leading shows. Specifically they work with funded startup founders, C-Suite executives, and some entrepreneurs. Mostly their clients fall into these verticals: Data, Tech, eCommerce, Financial Services, Real Estate, Entertainment, Wellness, Coaches, Environment, and Authors. πŸ“Š

Not only does Kitcaster get you placed in front of the perfect podcast audience, put they will prepare you for your big moment. They provide PR training as well as guidance on how to tell the story of your brand.

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How to Choose the Best Podcast Agency for Your Business

We have given you a lot of info here so take your time digesting it all! πŸ˜…

When you are ready to start the process of choosing the best podcast agency for you, think about what kind of budget you are working with and what exactly you need help with. Have clear answers to the question “why create a branded podcast?

Then, contact the types of podcast agencies you think might be a good match. Have a conversation with them and see if it is a good fit. πŸ“ž

Do your own research. Ask other B2B podcasters what their experiences have been, specifically ask them if they have been getting good podcast ROI numbers. Listen to podcasts that the podcast agency has made. Review their marketing efforts.

Also, look at what tools you already have at your disposal. For example, if you are an Ausha member, you already have a lot of marketing tools at your fingertips so there is no reason to pay for an outside service. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

The bottom line is you can do this! A podcast is really going to boost your B2B business, so enjoy the journey! πŸš€

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