How to Create a Podcast Landing Page


How to Create a Podcast Landing Page

Knowing how to create a podcast landing page is a key step in taking your podcasting to the next level! 🗝️ Keep reading to see how Ausha can help you make it happen!

May 10, 2022 • About 9 min. read

How to create a podcast landing page

When you go to create your podcast landing page there are some questions to ask yourself to help you get started… 

What is a podcast landing page?

A podcast landing page is used to try and find leads that could turn into loyal listeners. 

It’s a website that serves as an anchor for all of the important information about your podcast! 

Those that visit your podcast landing page can learn about you and your show, which can help you build a lasting relationship with them! 🤝 

On your podcast landing page, it is essential to have a place for people to subscribe with their email – a point I cannot emphasize enough!

A landing page using calls to action 📣 to try and make the conversion from those that view your page, into those that subscribe to it! 

Increasing your number of subscribers is crucial when growing your podcast, making a landing page an essential step to take when creating content for your show. 

How to Create a Podcast Landing Page
Example of a podcast landing page on Ausha

Why do I need to create a podcast landing page? 

The better question is how soon can I create my podcast landing page? 

And the answer is, whenever you want! (But the sooner the better of course). ⌛ 

You want to think of your podcast as its own small business and not just a hobby… and for a lot of you this is already the case! 

And you would always have a website for your business, so why not show the same support for your podcast! 💪 

It’s basically free marketing for your podcasts to connect you with a larger audience and encourage them to learn more about your podcasting skills. 👏 

A podcast landing page has many advantages… 

  • Increases SEO 📈 
  • Provides more content to your listeners 🎧 
  • Boosts your visibility 👀 
  • Provides an immersive listening experience 😎 
  • Helps you connect with your audience in another way, besides your podcast episode 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 

It also allows those that don’t have a podcast streaming application downloaded on their phones to listen to your podcasts directly from the site.

And those that want to play your podcasts on their computers can still listen too! 💻 Pretty great right? 

Then everyone can enjoy your audio content, anywhere! 

And one last point: a podcast landing page will help you retain listeners because they will be able to read more about you and your show in detail. 

All these advantages help build on the importance that you should create a podcast landing page… don’t you agree? 

How to Create a Podcast Landing Page
Settings for a podcast landing page on Ausha

How do I design my podcast landing page? 🤔 

When you build your podcast landing page, it’s important to consider the tone and theme of your podcast. 

This is because you will want them to be represented in your podcast landing page. 

For example, if you have a happy and cheerful podcast, you will want to have bright details and colors on your page. 🥳 

Whereas if you are talking about something more sad or even serious, maybe stick with some more toned down colors and details. 😐 

Just like you have the music for your podcast, you should have your “podcast colors”.

And you’ll definitely want to include those and your specific typography in your podcast landing page design. 🌈 

That way when your audience goes onto your landing page, they will recognize the design and know that they’re in the right place!  

It will also be nice to add some photos to your podcast landing page.

Your audience may never know what you look like if you don’t share some photos, and why deprive them of your beautiful face? 😍 

Behind the scenes photos are also always a fan favorite! 📸 

Using a template can also help you build a great podcasting landing page, and free up time for you to create other content in addition! ➕ 

How to Create a Podcast Landing Page
Podcast landing page example on Ausha

What should I include in my podcast landing page? 

There are many things that should be included in your podcast landing page so maybe grab a pen and paper to list it out, cause here we go: 📝 

  • Podcast title
  • An image, like your podcast logo
  • About the host 
  • About the podcast 
  • Links to your social media pages (For example, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn)
  • A photo of you/your team 
  • Screenshots of positive reviews from social media or podcast  listening platforms 
  • If you are looking for financial support for your podcast, you can also upload a link to click that goes to your preferred platform for doing so. 

But the two most important things that you need to include on your podcast landing page are: 

An integrated link for listening to your podcast from the page. 

It’ s also best to have your episodes arranged by season or playlist if that is how you want them to be listened to. 

And a place where your audience can put in their email to subscribe to your newsletter and other content. 

This can put them on the email list for your newsletter to make sure they never miss a new episode or other content news! 📰 

Note: You can also mention that those who enter their email and sign up for your newsletter are entitled to receive additional content and/or special offers such as promo codes. 

Where can people find my podcast landing page? 📍 

You can simply copy and paste your podcast landing page link to your personal website or on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages! 

For example, in the bio of your Instagram account for your podcast! 

That way those that find your Instagram can simply click the link to see the whole podcast landing page! What a great idea if I do say so myself. 😉

This will help people find your landing page, discover your podcast, subscribe to your newsletter, and become loyal listeners of your podcast! 

Win, win, win, win! 🏆 

You can even put the link to your podcast landing page in the email that you send to your subscribers.

Because you never know, they may want to share it with their friends… increasing your web of subscribers even more! 🕸️ 

How to Create a Podcast Landing Page
Reading a podcast landing page

Who will look at my podcast landing page? 

So you’ve taken the time to create an amazing podcast landing page, now you’re maybe wondering: well who is going to look at it? 🧐 

And well there are a few groups of people that come to mind… 

Your current listeners, potential future listeners, or maybe those that heard about your podcast and just want to get to know you better to see what you and your show are about. 

How can Ausha help me with my podcast landing page?  

Creating a podcast landing page with Ausha has never been easier! 😊 

Each podcast show hosted on Ausha has a podcast landing page generated for them. How great is that! 

It can include:

  • External links to another website (for example: a personal website or Youtube channel with your video content) 
  • An integrated player to listen to your podcast 
  • General info about your show 
  • Your live Twitter feed 
  • Links to your show on a listening platform 

(All these will help with marketing your podcast… and for free with your Ausha subscription) 😍 

If you don’t already have an Ausha subscription click here to find out how to get started: Ausha

Let us help you live your best podcasting life. ☀️ 

You can also customize the end of your generated URL to make it more personal and easier to find for your listeners. 🔎 

You can easily copy and paste the URL to your social media to share your podcast landing page with your followers. 

For more information on using social media to boost your podcast, click on this article: Podcasts and social media: communicating and marketing effectively. 

Another bonus: Web pages for each of your episodes are also generated for free with your Ausha subscription and include: 

The description, publication date, and duration of your episodes. And the picture associated with that episode! 🖼️ 

Your listeners can simply click on the episode to find this additional content! 

And to make your podcast landing page even more personal, you can edit the colors to match the theme of your podcast! 

You can also choose the cover photo for your podcast landing page. So better choose a good one! 😉 

So to sum it all up: 

Having a podcast landing page will let those that see it learn about your podcast, read about you and your show in more detail, and even have the chance to play it… lucky them! 🍀 

The best thing about a podcast landing page is that you create one place where your listeners can subscribe with their email address, making it easy for them to access more content from you! 😁 

Basically, they can find links for each of your social media pages, your personal website, and connect more with you all from one platform! 🤩

Make sure that your landing page goes with your whole podcast theme. Meaning the colors and design go with the music and tone of your show! 🎶

And with Ausha it could not be any easier to create and design your podcast landing page for all your shows! Making your podcasting game stronger than ever! 💜 

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