How to Create an Oscar-worthy Podcast Trailer


How to Create an Oscar-worthy Podcast Trailer

Keep reading to see how to create an Oscar-worthy podcast trailer, and how it will help you boost your podcast!

June 20, 2022 • About 5 min. read

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Whether you’ve already launched your show or not, knowing how to create an Oscar-worthy podcast trailer can be super helpful for promoting your show. 

When you want to watch a new movie, what’s the first thing you usually do? 

Watch the trailer! 🎞️ 

And with Ausha, when you upload the audio file, mark it as a podcast trailer so that it will be pinned at the top of all your episodes on the listening platforms. 📌 

There, it will be easy for people to find and listen to it, making them want to listen to your show and growing your audience. 📈 

But this also adds pressure to your podcast trailer! 

As it’s probably going to be the first piece of audio content that people listen to, it becomes a powerful tool to attract new listeners… if used correctly. 🛠️ 

Your podcast trailer needs to be able to convince complete strangers that they should listen to your podcast, and maybe even eventually subscribe to your show. 

The problem is, if you don’t have a podcast trailer, people may not be inclined to press play because they’re hesitant about if they’ll like the content of your show. 😬 

So give them a trailer! That way when they can see how great your show will be and will be sure to listen to it!  

Podcast trailer

How can your podcast trailer be effective? 

The first thing is the length. ⏱️ 

Ideally, your podcast trailer should be less than one minute long. 

The objective is for potential listeners to be able to listen to it easily and then be able to understand the DNA of your podcast quickly. 

The second thing is your universe. 🌌 

Your podcast trailer should reflect the overall atmosphere of your podcast. 

For example, if you talk about very real and serious subjects, try not to be funny. 

It would clash with the rest of your show’s theme and tone. 

Or on the other hand, if you use a lighter tone, try to show that within your podcast trailer. 

That way potential listeners will know what the tone of your show is, and if it will interest them or not. 

The third thing is of course what you’re going to say in your trailer. 🎥 

There is no place to improvise here, because it’s such a short amount of time to make a real impact. 

So be sure to say things that will make your potential new listeners understand who you are and what your show is about, so that they will want to listen to it. 

Don’t give away too many details in your trailer… you still want to keep the mystery alive. 🤔 

Introduce yourself, but don’t give too many details that aren’t necessary, and be nice and friendly so that people will want to press play on your podcast. 

Make sure to also be quick with what you say, you only have a short amount of time for your podcast trailer. 

It’s a bit of a balance that you have to find, to make sure that you’re giving interesting information that will entice your audience, while also keeping some information hidden so that you don’t give everything away. 

When should you release your podcast trailer? 🗓️ 

It only takes a few clicks to upload your podcast to Ausha, but some of the listening platforms take a few days to actually upload your podcast trailer.  

So, create and publish your podcast trailer and metadata a few days or even weeks before the launch of your show. 

This is great to create buzz around your podcast, and allow you to start marketing your podcast before it’s even released! 💥 

You can also re-share your podcast trailer even after your show has been published to try and get people to check it out anyway! 

Podcast trailer

Where will your trailer appear? 

When you upload your podcast trailer to Ausha, make sure that you label it as a trailer so that it will appear at the top of your podcast’s page on the listening platforms. 👆 

You can also share your podcast trailer on social media to begin promoting it! 📱 

Both of these places are great for increasing your podcast audience! 

And by the way, don’t worry if you’ve already released your show, a trailer on the listening platforms will still help you get more listeners over time as more and more people hear about or stumble upon your show. 

To sum up: 

Having a podcast trailer can be great for promoting your new show! 

It gives potential new listeners the possibility to get a taste for your show so that they can see if it’s something they’re interested in. 

It also lets people try to see what you have to offer with your show! 😃 

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June 20, 2022

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