How to Get Your Podcast Featured on Spotify


How to Get Your Podcast Featured on Spotify

Knowing how to get your podcast featured on Spotify can help you grow your audience and boost your show! So why not try it out! 

July 19, 2022 • About 6 min. read

How to get your podcast featured on Spotify

If you’re wondering why you’ve never been featured on Spotify, don’t worry! There’s some tips and tricks that can help you! So if you want the inside scoop on how to get your podcast featured on Spotify, keep reading… 🍨 

Why should you get your podcast featured on Spotify? 

Two words: Free visibility. 👀 

AKA free marketing. 

AKA more downloads for your podcast! 

And who doesn’t want that! 

But seriously, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to get your podcast featured on Spotify. You never know who could come across it! 🙋‍♀️ 

This is great for you to grow your podcast audience and boost your show. 


Because lots of people browse the featured podcasts section to discover a new show to listen to. 🕵

How to get your podcast featured on Spotify

Who decides who gets featured on Spotify? 

There’s a curation team at Spotify that decides who gets featured. 

If you’re able to catch their eye, well in this case their ear, then you’re in luck! 👂 

The Spotify curation team spends almost 20 hours per week listening to podcasts. 🤯 (Source: Spotify)

So you can imagine that they know what they’re looking (or listening) for. 😉

How to get podcast featured on Spotify ?

To get your podcast featured on Spotify, ensure consistent communication with your subscribers through newsletters for each new episode release. Keep your website and social media platforms active and engaging to catch the attention of Spotify curators. Alternatively, you can utilize the new Editorial Submission Form specifically designed for podcasts listed on Spotify in the US, offering a promising and straightforward route to feature placement.

Let’s dive into them… 

The first is to make sure that you’re sending newsletters to all of your subscribers, and often… basically every time you release a new episode. 💌 Utilize Ausha’s Newsletter feature by accessing the “Communication” tab in your dashboard, where you can easily manage your subscriber list and share updates.

And also keep your website and social media up to date and interactive. This could attract a curator from Spotify to check out your show and want to feature you. With Ausha’s Social Media Manager, conveniently promote your podcast across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, saving time with automated posting ⏰

But the easiest (and most promising) way is to submit the BRAND NEW Editorial Submission Form to Spotify. 📝 

This new form is only available for podcasts that are listed on Spotify in the US. 

How to get your podcast featured on Spotify

Everything to know about the Editorial Submission Form 

When filling in the form, make sure that you take your time and answer everything carefully. And don’t leave any required parts blank. 

The Spotify curation team checks every submission that they receive to make sure that no podcasts slips through the cracks. 🧐 

You can give them the link to your show on Spotify, a brief description of your show, and you can tell them anything additional that you think they should know about your podcast. 

You can send a link to your favorite podcast episode too, 🔗 but if you choose not to, the team will just pick an episode to start with.  

Any type of podcast can be submitted, no matter which format you have. Even video podcasts are allowed to be submitted. 🎥 

And your podcast can be any length too! ⏱️ 

The form will also ask for some of your contact information, and if you’re part of a podcast network or not. 

You’ll also need to give the genre of your podcast and what type of podcast you have… 

But trust me the form is SUPER self explanatory and easy to understand. 🤓 

The most important thing that you need to remember if you want to be featured is that your podcast needs to be good quality content! 

What happens if you do get featured on Spotify? 

If the curation team decides that they like what they heard, and your show is going to be featured… Congratulations! 🥳 

But how will you know? Well that’s the slightly tricky part, you might not get notified. 

If the curation team is listening to almost 20 hours of podcasts per week, they probably don’t have the time to alert all the podcasters whose shows they choose. 

So you’ll have to keep checking Spotify. 🔍 

But depending on the subject of your show, you could have to check a few places to see if you’ve been featured. 

For example, the team will choose podcasts to be featured for categories like sports, astrology, true crime, music, or shows created by Latinx podcasters. 🏈 🪐 🎶

You could also be featured on the main Podcast Browse page or the New Releases page which features new seasons, new shows, or new featured episodes. 

And be sure to share the fact that you’ve been featured on social media by tagging Spotify’s accounts. Rumor has it they really enjoy seeing these types of posts! 📱 

How to get your podcast featured on Spotify

What happens if you don’t get featured on Spotify? … Yet!  

If you don’t get featured on your first submission, don’t get discouraged! There will be plenty of other times to submit a form to the curation team. 

But keep in mind that you should only submit once a month, and if you do choose to submit again (after a month), make sure that you have at least two new episodes released. ✌️ 

And something else that’s great: The curation team keeps track of all the podcasts that are submitted and may come back to your show down the road. 

Basically, they know that hosts and shows can grow and improve over time so if they think you’ve released new episodes that are better quality then you may be in luck! 🍀 

Or if you feel like your show has some room for improvement, wait until you feel the quality has improved enough and then send in another submission form. 

And another great point about the Spotify Editorial Form is that the curators don’t simply rely on your amount of social media followers or number of downloads that you have. 

They’re focused on the content and making sure that it’s good quality! 💪 

To sum up 

I think we can all agree that it’s a great idea to try and get your podcast featured on Spotify. 

It can only help your show, and it’s free to send in the form, so really, a win win! 🏆 

The form is super easy to fill in, and you never know, soon enough you could be seeing your own podcast featured on Spotify! 😍 

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