How to listen to a podcast ? 


How to listen to a podcast ? 

Podcasts - you've definitely heard of them. More than just a passing fad, they've become a staple. In this article, we'll tackle how to listen to a podcast. Let's go! 🚀

February 6, 2024 • About 6 min. read

In this article, we will address the following points

What is a podcast?

Origins and Evolution

The podcast story begins with Ben Hammersley, a journalist from The Guardian. In 2004, he coined the term “podcast” by merging “iPod” and “broadcast.” The following year, Apple, with its legendary knack for trends, integrated podcasts into iTunes. At that time, Steve Jobs even predicted that podcasts would represent “the next generation of radio” 📻

Explaining Podcasts to…

… your grandmother 👩‍🦳:

A podcast is like on-demand radio that you can listen to anytime on your phone or computer, featuring all sorts of stories and discussions.

… your mother 👩:

A podcast is like an audio series that you can listen to on the Internet. You can listen on Spotify or Deezer, for example, from your phone or computer. It’s like Netflix but for audio.…

… your friends ✌️:

With a podcast, you stream audio whenever you want, kind of like YouTube or Twitch, but without the video. In fact, many YouTubers are now getting into podcasts.

Key Figures and Trends

The podcast world is witnessing a remarkable rise, attracting an increasingly large and diverse audience. This growing popularity is clearly reflected in recent statistics:

  • According to Podcastindex, there are now over 4.3 million available podcasts. This impressive number demonstrates a global enthusiasm for this medium, offering listeners unprecedented content diversity.
  • The 2023 Podcast Consumer Report by Edison Research confirms this trend. With 83% of Americans aware of podcasts and 42% having listened in the past month, podcasts are now a mainstay in the American media landscape. This progression is particularly significant as it reflects a shift in media consumption habits, where digital audio is gaining ground against traditional formats.

These statistics demonstrate that podcasts are no longer just a niche phenomenon but a booming medium, attracting listeners from all walks of life and generations. It’s clear that podcasts are redefining how we consume audio content 🎧

Now that we’ve taken the time to define a podcast, let’s delve into how to actually consume them 👂

What platforms are popular for podcast listening?

Most Popular Listening Platforms

Today, two platforms dominate the market in terms of audience. Apple Podcasts leads with 37.1% of listeners, closely followed by Spotify, which captures the attention of 31.3% of listeners 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧

Beyond traditional listening platforms, it’s important to note the rise of YouTube, known for its video content, but also increasingly influential in podcast listening. All signs indicate that YouTube is surpassing the competition.

The Role of Listening Platforms in Discovering New Podcasts

Listening platforms play a crucial role in how we discover and consume content. These platforms act as catalogs, offering easy, structured access to a multitude of podcasts on various topics 📖

According to The Podcast Host, a significant portion of listeners, about 40%, seek new podcasts directly from their listening app. Furthermore, 58% of users use the search bar to find podcasts on specific topics. This approach shows how listening platforms have become not only a hub for consumption but also for discoverability 👀

At Ausha, we understand the need for podcasts to be visible, which is why we launched the PSO Control Panel, our latest innovation that lets you track your positions of your show in the search results of Apple Podcasts and Spotify and boost your visibility! 🔥

How to Listen to a Podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts on a Smartphone?

On Spotify 🟢

  • Download the Spotify App: Install Spotify from the App Store or Google Play Store and open the app.
  • Create or Log In to Your Account: Use your email address or log in via Facebook.
  • Search for a Podcast: Click on “search” at the bottom center of your app. If you have a specific podcast in mind, type its name in the search bar. Otherwise, enter a keyword to discover podcasts on a topic of interest to you.
  • Listen to an Episode: Choose an episode and press “Play.”
  • Subscribe to the Podcast: If you enjoyed the episode and want to stay updated on new episode releases, press “+”.

On Apple Podcasts 🟣

  • Open the Apple Podcasts App: It comes pre-installed on all iOS devices.
  • Search for the Podcast: Click on “search” at the bottom right of your app. Enter the podcast name if you have one in mind, or a keyword to explore topics of interest.
  • Select a Podcast: Find the podcast in the search results and open its page.
  • Listen to an Episode: Choose an episode from the list and press “Play” to start listening.
  • Subscribe to the Podcast: If you liked the episode and want to stay informed about new episode releases, press “follow” at the top right of the podcast page.

How do listeners consume podcasts?

Where are podcasts listened to?

While many of us enjoy listening to a podcast at home, it’s interesting to note that podcasts are a medium associated with mobility, as many listeners prefer to listen while on the move. This mobile listening trend reflects our active lifestyle, making it a companion that accompanies us everywhere 🌎

In the United States, according to Edison Research Infinite Dial, nearly half of the listening happens at home, while a significant portion of the population (28%) chooses podcasts as travel companions 🎒

When are podcasts listened to?

Podcast listening knows no time limits. In the United States, Edison Research reports that the 10 AM to 2 PM time slot is most popular, closely followed by mornings before 10 AM ☀️

These insights show how podcasts accompany listeners throughout the day, providing a soundscape 💬

On which devices are podcasts listened to?

Technological advancements have greatly influenced how we listen to podcasts. The smartphone, with its portability and connectivity, has become the preferred device for podcast listening. According to Edison Research, in the US, 73% of Americans use their smartphones to listen to a Podcast. The computer, though still used, seems to be losing ground to these more mobile and individual devices 💻

What are the consumption habits?

One of the major strengths of podcasts is their ability to blend into our daily activities. According to YouGov survey, nearly half of Americans listen to podcasts while doing household chores or commuting 🚆

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