Podcast Regularity: How Often Should You Release Episodes?


Podcast Regularity: How Often Should You Release Episodes?

Knowing how to maintain the regularity for your podcast is essential to make sure you gain listeners. What's that expression: "Consistency is Key"...

May 6, 2022 • About 7 min. read

How to maintain the regularity of your podcast

You’ve shared the first episode of your new podcast on all your favorite listening platforms, now you’re wondering: well when should I share the next episode? 

Should I wait a month, a week (or if you’re really ahead of the game), a day? 🗓️ 

Well honestly it depends on you and your podcast…

And if you want to maintain the regularity of your podcast, keep reading! 😀

Maintaining Posting Regularity - Podcast Episodes List
Episode List on Ausha’s Platform

Why do you need to maintain the regularity of your podcast? 

You see, constantly publishing content is key for boosting the visibility of your podcast. 📈  

This goes for blogs, websites, and social media. And it’s also true for podcasts. 

Also by posting more content, it allows the search engine algorithms to notice your show more and this can lead to more listeners!  

It’s also good to have a regular schedule for posting your new episodes because it gives your listeners something to look forward to. 👀 

For example, if your audience knows that your new episodes are released on Fridays for instance, they know exactly when they can listen to your podcast. 

A bit like that new episode of reality TV you wait each week for… but better.

Think of it this way: when you post your new podcast episode, it’s like you’re setting up a meeting time with your audience. You’re giving them more content that they can take the time to listen to and enjoy.

A not-so-fun fact for you: a lot of new podcasts become inactive in the first 90 days of starting. 🤯 

And while there are many reasons for this, a main reason is due to a lack of motivation. 

So how can you stay motivated in order to maintain regularity? 

One way that you can stay motivated before you even launch your podcast is to create a list of about 10 to 20 subjects that you can discuss in your show. 📋 

They should relate to the topic of your podcast and of course they should interest you. 🤓

By having this list, if you ever lose your motivation (let’s not jinx it), then you can simply look at your list and then you will find a topic to talk about! 

Because losing motivation will make it hard for you to maintain regularity with your podcast.

Another way to stay motivated is to have a podcast subject that you are passionate about. If you’re passionate, you will WANT to talk about it… instant motivation! 

If you don’t like the topic that you have to talk about in each of your podcast episodes, you won’t want to do it anymore! 

So plan your podcast a few weeks out and have a subject in mind that you want to talk about. Make it something that you are interested in and passionate about. 🥰 

And don’t forget, sometimes joining small podcast networks can also help keep you motivated!

How to choose the frequency of your podcast? 🤔 

If you can manage to write, record, and edit new podcast episodes each week, that is a great place to start as your frequency! 

But let’s face it, you also have a life and other hobbies besides podcasting (even if it breaks my heart to say it 💔 ). So maybe twice a month is better for you!  

You want to choose the frequency that works best for you, based on what you can handle and maintain in the long-term. 

But you don’t want to wait too long in between episodes because that can be hard for trying to grow your audience… you don’t want them to forget about you! 😢 

The frequency of your episodes also depends on the podcast structure and duration.

So obviously, if you have episodes that are one hour long, the preparation, recording, and editing time won’t be the same for an episode that lasts 5 minutes. 

So make sure that you choose a frequency with your preparation time in mind. 🕐 

And don’t worry, nothing is permanent! If you figure out that you have more time to make more episodes, do it! But make sure to tell your listeners so they can enjoy those extra episodes too! 

Or on the other hand, if you find yourself with less time, then produce less episodes, but make sure to tell your audience your new schedule so they know when to look out for your next episode release! 

Recording podcasts to Maintain Regularity
Recording in the Podcast Studio

How else can you try to maintain regularity with releasing your podcast? 

You should know exactly why you’re doing your podcast.

Knowing what drives you to achieve your goals is motivating and will also help you to post new episodes, if you want to maintain regularity. 

Get Organized:

That subject list we mentioned earlier was just the start of it! Make another list of potential guests you could have, make a schedule, a calendar… anything you can to be organized and maintain regularity! 

Make goals that you can achieve, but make them attainable! 💪 

Don’t make unrealistic goals that you have no chance of reaching… this will just discourage you from being able to post your podcasts regularly.

Checking your podcast statistics is also motivating and can lead to more regular posting. 📊 

And it works both ways:

If you are unhappy with your statistics 👎 you will want to work harder and post more to try and see them improve. 

And if your statistics are great 👍 you will want to keep it up, so you will continue to post regularly. 

Using Statistics to Maintain the Regularity of your podcast
Statistics on Ausha’s Platform

How can Ausha help you maintain regularity?  

  1. Through the statistics feature on our platform ➡️ You can check all the statistics (the good, the bad, and the ugly) of your podcast episodes ➡️ For more info on how to analyze your statistics read this article: Understanding and Analyzing the Statistics of Your Podcast
  1. You can link your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to schedule your posts, saving you time to create more audio and video content
  1. Ausha keeps all your data and content in one place making it easy for you to post regularly… you can distribute your podcast on listening platforms and Youtube, all from our site 💻  
  1. On Ausha’s site you can also set up your episodes into playlists and series, which will help you stay organized and encourage you to maintain regularity when distributing episodes… because who wants to listen to a season with only one episode in it? 
Distribution Channels for Maintaining Regularity
Distribution Channels on Ausha’s Platform

So to wrap it all up: 

Taking the time to get organized, choosing your distribution frequency, and staying motivated will all help you to maintain the regularity of your podcast. 

Maintaining the regularity in your podcast distribution is crucial to grow your audience. 

And like most things in life, it will take time to perfect your process and know what works best for you. 

It may seem like a lot at first, but you will get the hang of it, and with Ausha it will be much easier! 💜  

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