Top 5 : The Best Platforms to Host Your Podcast


Top 5 : The Best Platforms to Host Your Podcast

Your podcast episodes are recorded, edited and ready to be broadcast worldwide? Are you looking for THE perfect hosting platform for your podcast or THE platform where you can be heard? You've come to the right place!

October 20, 2022 • About 6 min. read

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When you start podcasting, you don’t have to know all the necessary steps. In general, you just want to have your audio file on listening platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Deezer… and that’s already a good start. But then comes the question of managing your podcast, and for that, you have to choose THE right platform!

In this article, I’m going to give you the steps to make your podcast episodes available everywhere. It’s very simple, you need to host your podcast on a platform like Ausha 🚀

Hosting your podcast

Your podcast host has two main missions! The first is to manage and store all the important information of your podcast. The second is the distribution of your podcast on all listening platforms. 🌍

Once you have finished recording your episode, you must upload your audio file to your hosting platform. Your platform will then create an RSS feed. 

An RSS feed is like the identity card of your podcast. In it, you will find all its metadata! That is to say the description of your episodes, your images, your titles, your name and email address, the URL of your website… And it is this RSS feed, which will allow you to be listened to on all listening platforms. 🎧

How does it work in practice? When you upload a new podcast episode on your host, your RSS feed is automatically updated. This means that your audio file and all your metadata are added to the feed.  

The listening platforms will then automatically check your RSS feed for changes. They can then update their catalog and update your show. 🔁

And there you have it, your podcast is on the air! 📡

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The different hosting solutions

To host your podcast, there are turnkey solutions… like Ausha for example! Today, there are many platforms specialized in hosting and broadcasting podcasts. So to choose THE platform that fits your project perfectly, pay attention to its different features.

Here I will introduce you to 5 hosting platforms: Ausha, Buzzsprout, Anchor, Transistor and Castos.

Ausha, the all-in-on podcast and marketing platform :

On the Ausha platform, you can manage your podcast from A to Z! From the moment you put it online, to its monetization, to its promotion.

Your podcast can be distributed on 14 listening platforms in just a few clicks. From Ausha, you can even automatically broadcast your podcasts on YouTube. And you won’t have any storage problems, it’s unlimited!

We know that managing the distribution and communication of your podcast takes a lot of time… And podcasters prefer to use this time to create their content! That’s why we have developed many marketing tools to help you save time, such as : 

Furthermore, you can analyze your progress and get key information about your listeners with exclusive listening statistics. These statistics are gathered in the most intuitive and powerful dashboard on the market! 📈

Ausha offers many hosting options at affordable prices. For freelancers there is the Launch plan (13$/month), the Boost plan (29$/month) or the Supersonic plan (69$/month)… But there is also a plan dedicated to communities, a plan for companies and a plan for agencies!

In short, Ausha offers many tools to launch and develop your podcast. You’re bound to find the hosting solution that will fit your needs. 🥰

Manage your podcast with the Buzzsprout platform:

Buzzsprout is a classic hosting and podcasting platform that offers the basic features of a web host! Beware, here the storage of your audio files is not unlimited ⚠️

By hosting your podcast with Buzzsprout, you will have access to certain features:

  • The statistics of your podcast
  • A website dedicated to your podcast
  • An audio player to integrate into your website
  • The distribution of your podcast on many listening platforms

Regarding prices, Buzzsprout offers a free but limited hosting of your podcasts on the platforms for only 90 days.

The price then starts at $12 / month for basic features for your podcast.

The Anchor podcast hosting platform:

Anchor is Spotify’s hosting platform. It’s free and provides access to basic hosting features but its tools for developing your podcast are limited.

As with Ausha, the number of episodes hosted is unlimited at Anchor. However, the statistics provided do not allow you to compare your episodes or to know the listening habits of your audience.

With Anchor, you will have a website for your podcast but it will remain basic. You will also have an audio player to integrate to your site, but without customization options.

Manage your podcast with the Transistor platform:

Transistor allows you to create, import and host an unlimited number of podcasts on your account. This platform has 3 different plans: $19/month, $49/month and $99/month!

Every time you create a new podcast on Transistor, you get a unique RSS feed. For each podcast, you’ll have its own statistics and a dedicated homepage.

Transistor gives you detailed statistics for your podcast. For example, monthly listenings, total listenings per episode, or average downloads per episode!

Use Castos as a platform to host your podcast:

Castos allows you to host multiple podcasts and publish an unlimited number of episodes. Like Transistor, the first price of this hosting platform is $19/month, the medium plan is $49/month and the advanced plan is $99/month!

With Castos, you can publish your podcast episodes and distribute them on most listening platforms. You will also have a simplified and customizable web page to showcase your podcast and be referenced on Google. 

I hope that with all this information, you will figure out which podcast platform to choose for your hosting. You have the choice: Buzzsprout, Anchor, Transistor, Castos… or Ausha 😉

If you want to test Ausha, don’t hesitate: you can try it for free during 14 days!

Ready to try Ausha?

You don’t have to juggle multiple platforms to power your podcast anymore. Access all our distribution, communication and analysis tools in one place.

3… 2… 1… Blast off! 🚀

14-day trial • No credit card • No commitment

by Robin
October 20, 2022

Sound is my passion 🔊 I always dreamed of making it my job and TADAAAM I'm now a Junior Content Manager at Ausha : I get up every morning to do audio and video content to help podcasters boost the listening of their podcast. 🚀 When I'm not doing this, I'm trying to become a rockstar 🤘, I give lessons to my brothers on Smash Bros and Mario Kart 🏎️ , and also, I whistle (like very well) !🐣 !

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