Ausha’s Smartlink: The Power Tool to Grow Podcasts

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Ausha’s Smartlink: The Power Tool to Grow Podcasts

February 7, 2023 • About 4 min. read

Ausha's Smartlink: the most powerful for podcasters

Think our SmartLink is just another link tree? Think again.

Sure, it centralizes all the listening platforms your podcast is broadcast on, but that is only the beginning. 😎

It now includes:

  • an integrated audio player
  • a sharing feature
  • social network links
  • website, email, and other custom buttons
  • new branding options

✨ Discover our new Smartlink now here.

In this blog post we are going to go through each detail so you understand what a powerful, all-in-one communications and marketing tool it is.

Your Smartlink is the number one thing that links your podcast to potential listeners. Make it count. 💪

Increase Your Conversion Rate & Downloads: Integrated Audio Player

In the world of podcast marketing, the conversion rate is how many people who come across your marketing actually press ‘play’ and listen to your show. You want your conversion rate to be as high as possible. 📈

The key to getting your conversion rate high is to reduce the steps people need to take from hearing about your podcast to actually listening to it. 🎧

Boost your downloads with Ausha's Smartlink

That is why we have embedded an audio player right there in your Smartlink. 

Boom. No other steps needed. They see your Smartlink, they click play. That’s it. How’s that for conversion rate?  😍

Plus, every time someone clicks ‘play’ on your Smartlink, that counts as a download. 

High conversion rate and increased podcast downloads? Yes please! 🥳

Grow Your Listener Numbers: Sharing Feature

One of the most effective marketing tactics for a podcast is word of mouth. 👄👂

The more your episode is shared, the more your podcast listening community grows.

Sharing Button Ausha's Smartlink

That is why we’ve equipped the Smartlink with a sharing feature. 🤝

Your fans can now easily share your Smartlink on their own Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin accounts. Plus, if they are on their phones using the Smartlink mobile version, they can share it on Whatsapp, Slack, or Instagram DM. 📲

Develop Multiple Points of Contact: Links to Your Socials, Website, etc.

Creating and retaining podcast fans requires that you establish multiple points of contact where they can be reminded of and interact with your podcast’s awesomeness. 👩‍🎤


That is why Smartlink now links to all your social media platforms. It is not just Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram that we are talking about. Think: Twitch, Discord, and TikTok. 👀

Also, think beyond social media. Smartlink can link to your website. It can link to your email sign-up page, to an in-person event you are planning for your listeners.

It can link to literally anything because our Smartlink allows you to add custom buttons. Wherever and however you want to connect with your potential audience, you can do it here. 💜

Strengthen Your Branding: Customize Your Smartlink Visual

Branding matters. It is how you keep an unspoken connection with your listeners, and it is how you attract like minded new listeners.

But you probably do not have a lot of time to apply your brand to every little thing. And let’s be honest, some of us are not visual artists… that’s why we do audio media! 🧑‍🎨


Smartlink has you covered. You have always been able to customize the background image of your Smartlink, but now we have taken it a step further. 

We have developed an algorithm that automatically retrieves the 2 most pronounced colors of your show cover. In one click, our little robot O5H4 (“Ausha”… get it?)  gives you the color codes of your cover and applies them to your Smartlink. 🤩

The Smartlink: the feature you’ve always dreamed of

The bottom line is that we are passionate about listening to what podcasters need and then making them tools that meet that need. ⚒️

Podcasters have told us that they usually have one prime opportunity to reach a listener, and that is through this page. 

The Smartlink is like their identity card. 🛂

That is why we have updated the Smartlink so it includes every outreach method possible to make the most of that moment.

The Smartlink is now a hyper-powerful communication tool in and of itself.

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February 7, 2023

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