Anchor vs Buzzsprout: which podcast host is right for you?

Explore a detailed comparison of Anchor and Buzzsprout to see which is the best podcast host. Compare platforms by features and price.



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What is Anchor ?

Anchor is a leading podcast hosting platform that aims to democratize the podcasting landscape by offering a free-to-use platform for creating, distributing, and monetizing podcasts. A member of the Spotify family, Anchor promotes accessibility and inclusivity, accommodating podcasters of all experience levels. One of Anchor’s greatest strengths is its cost-effectiveness, offering a robust array of features without demanding any financial investment. By providing unlimited hosting and comprehensive distribution capabilities at no cost, Anchor enables anyone to dive into the world of podcasting and share their voice with the world.

What is Buzzsprout ?

Buzzsprout is another formidable contender in the podcast hosting space. Buzzsprout focuses on making podcasting easy, efficient, and enjoyable. With Buzzsprout, podcasters can upload their content, get their podcast listed in all major directories, and enjoy access to powerful analytics and promotional tools. Buzzsprout’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that podcasting should be accessible and rewarding. Their platform provides a smooth and simplified podcasting experience, which makes it an attractive option for beginners and experienced podcasters alike.

Anchor’s features

– User-friendly interface: Making the podcast creation and editing process simple and accessible.
– Recording and editing tools: Easy-to-use, allowing for straightforward recording and editing of episodes.
– Comprehensive distribution: Anchor distributes your podcast to all major listening platforms with a single click.
– Analytics: Anchor offers insights into audience demographics, episode performance, and trends.
– Monetization: Anchor provides a built-in sponsorship platform and listener donation features to facilitate podcast monetization.

Buzzsprout’s features

– Easy-to-use interface: Offers a straightforward podcast uploading and management process.
– Automatic Episode Optimization: Auto-adjusts each episode’s format for optimal podcast listening.
– Efficient Distribution: Buzzsprout helps get your podcast listed on all major platforms.
– Advanced Analytics: Provides valuable insights into listener behavior and episode performance.
– Monetization Support: Offers resources and guidance on various podcast monetization strategies.

Anchor pricing

When it comes to pricing, Anchor stands alone with its completely free model. The platform provides unlimited hosting, distribution, and analytics, along with its monetization features, at absolutely no cost. The promise of zero charges makes Anchor a particularly enticing choice for those just entering the world of podcasting or operating on a tight budget.

Buzzsprout pricing

In terms of pricing, Buzzsprout offers several plans to cater to different needs and budgets. They offer a free tier with limited features, perfect for beginners testing the podcasting waters. For more comprehensive features and hosting capabilities, Buzzsprout provides three paid tiers: $12/month for 3 hours of uploads each month, $18/month for 6 hours, and $24/month for 12 hours. Each tier includes advanced statistics, podcast website, and episodes available indefinitely, making it a good value for your money.


Both Anchor and Buzzsprout are exceptional podcast hosting platforms with their unique strengths. Anchor is an excellent choice for budget-conscious podcasters or those just starting, with its entirely free model and user-friendly features. On the other hand, Buzzsprout offers an easy-to-navigate platform with advanced features, making it an ideal choice for those ready to take their podcasting venture to the next level.

Choosing between Anchor and Buzzsprout boils down to your specific needs and resources. If you’re starting out or budget is a concern, Anchor could be a good fit. However, if you’re prepared to invest in your podcasting journey and want more advanced features with scalability, Buzzsprout is worth considering. Regardless of the platform you choose, both will provide a solid foundation to launch and grow your podcast.

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