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Manage your Network Icon People 2 in one single place

Switch easily from one podcast to another, with multi-channel management, using secure and confidential access.

All-in-one platform

Manage distribution, promotion, statistics, monetization in one single place.

Collaboration tools

Add different roles to your team with secure and dedicated access.

Unlimited Podcasts

Manage an unlimited number of podcasts in your dashboard.

Invite all your team

Unlimited admin allotment with different roles allows you to simply and securely manage different podcasts and work together with your team.

Showcase all your shows Icon Organize 1 with a Network website

Say goodbye to scattered show links and hello to our centralized channel page. Make it easy for your listeners to discover all your shows with a single channel page URL.

All-In-One Showcase Page

Have a single showcase page that references all your shows in one place.

Simplify Your Sharing

Share a single Network Page URL for all your shows and let your listeners discover your other shows.

Personalize Your Network website

Add your own colors, customize its URL and choose which shows to display.

Make your network Icon Grow-2 visible everywhere

Easily distribute your podcast on all external and internal supports.

Distribute easily, everywhere

In just a few clicks, automatically distribute your podcast on all audio and video platforms.

Integrate your podcast on your website

Integrate a sleek audio player on any website and customize it to your colors.

Youtube Distribution

Automatically turn your episodes into Youtube videos and drive new listeners to your podcast.

Control the distribution of your podcast

Share exclusive episodes with your audience by making them accessible only via a specific URL or password.

Get advanced metrics Icon Dashboard-2
to help you grow

IAB-certified podcast statistics provide a bird’s eye view of your shows and unique tools for in-depth analysis.

Peaktime analysis

Our Peaktime tool shows you which days of the week and at what times your podcast gets the most downloads.

Apple podcast ranking

Get a clear dashboard to dive into your Apple Podcasts progression and reviews.

Audience by source

See what apps people are using to listen to your show (Spotify, Apple Podcasts...).

CSV export

Export all your stats in one single click.

Grow your network Icon Start-2 with marketing tools

Get all the communication tools to boost and automate the promotion of your podcasts.

Create video clips optimized for social media

Turn audio clips from your episodes into video clips to promote them more effectively on social networks.

Generate new leads with our Newsletter tool

Get a newsletter popup on your Ausha website to generate new listeners and automatically send emails.

Make it easy to listen to your podcast

Share your Smartlink, a unique listening link that sends your audience back to their favorite app.

Automate your social media

Send, schedule and analyze your posts on all social media through your Ausha platform.

Our experts Icon Headphone-assist-2 are here for you

Ausha experts to help you pitch our solutions

Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way and will answer your questions by e-mail and telephone.

Dedicated training

Our team trains and advises you to become a podcast expert

Ausha recommends its own partners

Our team helps you showcase your network to find new business opportunities.


Grow your network now

Get all the tools in one single platform to manage all your shows and grow as a network.