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Rank Higher, Reach Further Icon Grow-2 with the PSO dashboard

Track your positions on Apple Podcasts and Spotify based on the keywords you associate with your show. Monitor, analyze, and optimize your keyword choices to boost your podcast’s visibility.

Follow up your average positions

Track your podcast's average ranking across a multitude of keywords associated with your show.

Get inspired by AI to choose your keywords

Integrated into the PSO Dashboard, it scans your podcast metadata and suggests keywords for analysis.

Track the overall visibility of your podcast

With global visibility indicators such as the Visibility Score, follow up the visbility of your show.

Optimize your PSO strategies in multiple countries

If your audience is spread across different countries (UK, USA, Canada...), measure your visibility in the various country stores.

Prioritize your efforts on the most popular keywords

Thanks to search popularity, you can see the the number of times a keyword is searched over a set amount of time.

Discover the concrete results of your actions

Analyze how changes to your metadata, episode titles, and keywords have influenced the ranking of your podcast.

Boost your podcast game Icon Start-2 with Ausha

Ausha is the first podcast marketing platform with all the tools a podcaster needs to launch and grow their show.

Be heard Icon Megaphone everywhere, by everyone

In one clic, distribute your podcast easily on the 22 major world directories.

Boost Icon Like your promotion on social media

Create social media posts with engaging video trailers, picture or just text and publish them automatically on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Write posts in instant with ChatGPT !

Amplify Icon Increase your visibility

Activate your promotion toolkit to maximize your audience growth (website, emailing, YouTube distribution...).

Track Icon Dashboard your success

Get the most exclusive and certified data in the most easy-to-use dashboard.

Make Icon Money money

Integrate dynamically Pre-rolls and Post-rolls into your episodes according ads campaign you choose to setup. Need help to find sponsors? Meet potential brands through the marketplace Podcorn.

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