How to define your listener persona


How to define your listener persona

This model enables you to identify your core target by defining your listener persona. Through a series of seven questions, imagine your audience's everyday lives and the challenges they face, and develop a fictitious person with the traits and characteristics your listeners have in common. Creating this listener persona should be the first step you take in developing your communications and marketing strategy. This will enable you to be clearer and more coherent in the messages you want to broadcast out about your podcast.

The model consists of:


The main questions to ask yourself when creating a listener persona sheet


An example of a listener persona sheet based on a fictitious podcast


An empty persona sheet template


A link to a Google Slide document containing an empty template of the sheet for you to fill in yourself

Creating your listener persona and being more effective in your communications and marketing!

It's no secret in marketing that in order for communications to have impact, you must always begin with your listeners. Imagining yourself in their place, understanding the problems they face, identifying the key moments in the time they dedicate to your product… By going through these processes and finding answers to the questions raised, you will be able to piece-by-piece put together a typical consumer profile representing your core target.
This marketing concept can easily be adapted for use with podcasts, enabling you to define your core target audience and create a listener persona. Imagine yourself as one of your listeners for a few moments, and think about how you might be able to reach them in order to talk to them about your podcast.