How to grow a Podcast in 2024 : our Top strategies


How to grow a Podcast in 2024 : our Top strategies

May 21, 2024 • About 8 min. read

How to grow a podcast

Whether you’ve just released your first episode or are aiming to increase your podcast’s reach, the excitement of attracting new listeners is undeniable. However, if you’re wondering how to grow a podcast and transform it from a hidden gem into a popular choice in a competitive market, the process can be challenging. What steps can you take to achieve this transformation?

Channels of Discoverability

According to insights from the 2024 CSA X Havas Paris study, here are four key channels identified to enhance your podcast’s visibility:

  • Social Media: Using social media platforms effectively can be transformative for podcast growth. For instance, 42% of respondents report discovering a podcast through social media 📱
  • Podcast Search Optimization: Enhancing the visibility of your podcast through search optimization is critical. Optimizing metadata, including titles and descriptions, can lead to better discoverability in listening platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Why ? Because, accord to the Podcast Host, 40% of Podcast Listeners search for a new podcast directly in Listening Apps 🎙️.
  • Recommendations: Listener recommendations are highly influential, with data showing that personal recommendations account for 37% of podcast discovery. This channel leverages the power of organic growth through word-of-mouth 👥.
  • YouTube: This platform is instrumental for podcasts aiming to reach new audiences. According to the Cumulus Media and Signal Hill 2023 Fall report, YouTube has grown from the most third most accessed destination for podcasts in 2021, to the number one spot in 2023. 

Maximizing Social Media for Podcast Growth

Social media remains a pivotal beacon for podcasters aiming to grow their audience. By strategically using platforms like Instagram, X, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok, podcasters can significantly enhance their visibility and listener engagement. Here’s how to effectively leverage each platform to maximize your podcast’s reach:


For podcasters, it offers a unique opportunity to visually represent their brand and episodes through engaging photos, infographics, and short video clips. Utilize Instagram Stories for sharing behind-the-scenes content or podcast snippets. Converting audio quotes into visually appealing posts can captivate your audience’s attention. Also, make use of Instagram’s hashtag feature to reach new audiences interested in similar content 👀


X (former Twitter) excels in real-time communication. It’s the go-to platform for fostering discussions and building community around your podcast. Tweet about new episodes, share relevant news, and engage directly with listeners through polls and Q&A sessions. Creating tweet threads summarizing podcast episodes or highlighting key points can also drive engagement and encourage retweets, expanding your reach 🐦


Facebook is ideal for creating and nurturing a community. Use it to build a dedicated group for your podcast where you can post updates, host live discussions, and receive listener feedback. Sharing episode links directly on Facebook, along with engaging descriptions, can help improve discoverability and encourage shares among users 👥


While primarily a professional networking site, LinkedIn can be a valuable platform for podcasts focusing on industry insights, professional development, or business topics. Share episodes linked to professional content, write articles summarizing podcast themes, and engage with other industry professionals to increase credibility and attract a niche audience 💼

Ausha’s Social Media Manager

To streamline your social media efforts, consider using services like the Social Media Manager from Ausha. This tool allows podcasters to schedule posts across different platforms, track engagement metrics, and analyze the performance of their content. By consolidating your social media management, you can maintain a consistent posting schedule, ensuring your audience receives regular updates without overwhelming your workflow 📊

Podcast Search Optimization

Podcast Search Optimization (PSO) is a crucial component for any podcaster looking to increase their visibility and attract more listeners. Understanding the basics of PSO can significantly improve your podcast’s chances of being discovered by new audiences. Here’s how to get started:

Understand Your Audience

Before you dive into optimization, it’s essential to understand who your audience is. What are their interests? Which keywords might they be using to find content like yours? This foundational step will guide your optimization strategy, helping to ensure that your content aligns with your listeners’ search habits and preferences 💬

Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords are the backbone of search optimization. Incorporate relevant keywords into your podcast title, description, and even in the episode titles and descriptions. These should be terms that potential listeners are likely to search for. For instance, if your podcast is about mindfulness, keywords might include “meditation,” “mindfulness techniques,” and “stress relief” 🧘‍♂️

Leverage the PSO Control Panel by Ausha

To streamline your efforts, the PSO Control Panel from Ausha offers a user-friendly interface ! The PSO Control Panel is the ultimate ally for you, podcasters, who want to track your positions on listening platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify 🤩

Leveraging Recommendations: The Power of Cross-Promotion

In the world of podcasting, one of the most effective strategies to expand your audience is leveraging recommendations through cross-promotion. This tactic involves collaborating with other podcasters to mutually promote each other’s content. Here’s how embracing cross-promotion can significantly enhance your podcast’s reach and listenership :

Understanding Cross-Promotion

Cross-promotion in podcasting means partnering with other podcast shows, ideally those with a listener base that might enjoy your content too. This can be as simple as mentioning each other’s podcasts during episodes, or as involved as guest appearances and shared content. The key is to find synergistic partnerships where each audience can discover complementary content, effectively doubling the potential exposure 📸

Benefits of Cross-Promotion

  • Increased Exposure: By sharing your podcast with another podcaster’s audience, you tap into a new listener base. This not only boosts your visibility but also introduces your content to potentially loyal listeners who are already engaged in similar topics.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Collaborating with established podcasters can lend additional credibility to your show. As listeners trust the recommendations of hosts they already follow, a nod from these hosts can be incredibly valuable.
  • Diversified Content: Cross-promotions can lead to guest appearances, which diversify your episodes and provide fresh perspectives. This variety can keep your current audience engaged and attract new listeners.

Implementing Cross-Promotion

Step 1 : Identify Potential Partners

Look for podcasts that align with your content in theme or audience. They don’t have to be in the exact same niche, but should be relevant enough that their audience can find value in your content as well.

Step 2 : Reach Out

Contact potential partners with a clear proposal of how a cross-promotion could be mutually beneficial. Be specific about what you admire in their content and how you think the partnership could work.

Step 3 : Plan Collaborative Content

Whether it’s a shared miniseries, guest interviews, or just mutual shout-outs, plan content that feels natural to both audiences. Authenticity in these promotions is key to making them effective.

Step 4 : Promote Across Platforms

Don’t limit the promotion to the podcasts themselves. Use social media, newsletters, and other channels to amplify the reach of your cross-promotion efforts.

YouTube as a Growth Channel

YouTube stands out as a potent channel for growth, offering podcasters the opportunity to reach a diverse and expansive audience. By repurposing podcast content into a video format, creators can tap into YouTube’s vast user base and enhance their show’s visibility and accessibility 📽️

Leveraging YouTube’s Features for Podcast Growth

Thumbnails and Titles

Design engaging thumbnails and craft titles strategically. Your title should incorporate keywords that potential listeners are likely to search for, aligning closely with the subject of your podcast. Similarly, ensure that thumbnails are visually captivating and directly relate to your video’s content.

Descriptions and Tags

Make good use of the video description to offer a comprehensive summary of the podcast episode. Include pertinent keywords, a clear call to action, and links to other platforms where your podcast is available. Tags are also essential for sorting your content into appropriate categories, enhancing its visibility among related videos.

Automatic Publishing to YouTube via Ausha

To streamline the process of publishing podcast content on YouTube, Ausha offers an automatic publishing feature. This tool allows podcasters to effortlessly upload their episodes directly to YouTube, saving time and ensuring a consistent presence across media channels. This integration not only simplifies the management of a podcast channel on YouTube but also helps maintain a steady flow of content, which is crucial for growing a subscriber base and enhancing engagement 💥


Expanding your podcast’s reach requires a strategic approach and effective tools. Using social media, PSO, Recommandations and YouTube can significantly increase your podcast’s visibility. The aim is not only to attract listeners but also to build an engaged community around your content 💪

Ready to take your podcast to the next level? Test Ausha today, the all-in-one platform to create and grow your show ! Experience the ease of managing, promoting, and analyzing your podcast—all from one dashboard.

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