Why embark on the podcast adventure?

Like all of us here at Ausha, you've spent a lot of time listening to podcasts on iTunes. Among the podcasts that you’ve listened to, you’ve probably had the opportunity to listen to Serial or No Such Thing As A Fish! And you must have asked yourself: "Why not me?". Today, we’ll look at why you should take the plunge.


Where does the podcast come from?

I'm talking about a time in which those less than fifteen old may not be familiar with. The podcast is a digital audio format which was quite common before the creation and sharing of video was accessible to all.

The genesis of the podcast dates back closely to the launch of the iPod. At the time, we did not have the storage space needed to save videos or to view them online, given the capacity of our (very) limited data plans. This audio format was thus in vogue and in adequacy with the means which we had at the time to inform and entertain ourselves. The podcast could be downloaded and listened to without Internet connection by downloading it from iTunes on your iPod or from Windows Media for your MP3 player.




The return of the podcast!


The podcast is back in force and has positioned itself in direct competition with the mainstream media which requires our full attention. Today, it is the only format that allows you to get to the bottom of things without having to worry about time and cost constraints. It's an accessible medium where anyone can take to the floor without investing in a state-of-the-art camera or complex editing software.

The podcast also allows us to reconnect with our own imagination, which apart from reading is more and more restricted. It also allows us to reconnect with freedom, because the podcast allows us to do other things while listening to it (such as cleaning or commuting, for example). It is therefore easier to integrate podcasts into our lives and to take your time in a world that continues to move faster and faster.

Why get into podcasting?


Getting into podcasting is all about choosing to be a visionary. Moreover, it is the desire to move away from current trends to focus on a daily media that has already proven its worth.

If you have something to say, this is the medium you need. With the podcast, you can take the time to say what you have to say without stealing the free time of your listeners. They can stop or pause your podcast without forgetting it. This allows the most creative of us to return to long, constructive and interesting formats without the constraints of a screen.

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