How to Authentically be Yourself on Your Podcast


How to Authentically be Yourself on Your Podcast

Check out this article from Claire Chiron, real-life podcaster, who has all the tips to show you how to authentically be yourself on your podcast! 🤩

July 4, 2022 • About 10 min. read

how to be authentically yourself on your podcast

Have you been struggling to communicate your message clearly, by being yourself, without  feeling stressed every time you are about to record a podcast episode? If this is your case, know that you are not alone, I have been there too.

This is why I have created a step-by-step process to follow every time you are about to record a podcast episode, so you will finally be able to be completely yourself, calm, serene and fully authentic while you’re podcasting. 

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, let’s get started! 😁

I recommend that you read the whole article all at once first. Then, take a pause. Take a pen and paper and do the exercises as you read the article again. 📝 When you feel ready, go and record your next podcast episode with the new energy you will have generated!  

How to be authentically yourself on your podcast

4 tips for being your authentic self on a podcast

Step n°1: Bring back the feeling of safety  

First, you will realize that you are the only person in the room in front of your microphone. You  may laugh as I say that because yes, that’s true, panicking and stressing out to record an episode is not even a threat because you are literally alone with your podcast microphone! 🎙️

And when you are recording your podcast episode, who said that you have to publish it right  away? Who said that you’re not able to maybe create the same episode several times and to  publish the one that you prefer the most? And to edit it because you can do anything after you have recorded your episode. 💪

You haven’t published it yet so you can just feel safe and okay. Play with it and enjoy the  process of creating and recording these podcast episodes.

And by the way, laughing is a great way to soothe your nervous system and to relax. You might need to help your brain rationalize the situation and make it understand that you are completely safe and nobody will attack you (there is no podcasting police by the way… 😂) for sharing your opinion on your specific topic.  

Step n°2: Relax & stop overthinking  

You don’t need to overthink that much since what people want to hear is your heart’s core  message: what you have to share with them from your heart to theirs. 💞

In order to drop from your mind to your heart, I have created a special meditation exercise for  you, which I give in podcast episode n°21 From Mind Space to Heart Space.  

From my own experience, I’m someone with a very strong mind and mental activity, so I’m used  to dealing with overthinking (drop an “Overthinking Team” in the comments, if this is your case too).

Each time you notice yourself overthinking about what you want to say, please go and do the meditation to reconnect to your heart. 💆‍♀️

This will help you to come back to your body and create a space to connect with your audience.  

To help you relax deeper and drop into your body more, you can also do some yoga or some  stretching exercises, and even create a comfortable atmosphere in the room where you plan to record. 🤸‍♀️

Also, you may desire to feel comfortable in your clothes: whether you need to dress  comfortably to feel at ease or be put together to feel confident in what you are about to say  and share with your audience.  

These are little things, you may think, but they will change the way you feel in your body, so you  will feel more comfortable, confident and safe recording this podcast episode.  

By the way, a very common thing that makes you overthink is also the podcast structure. How to begin it? How to end it? How to make it clear? 🤔  

If that is the case, check this great article on How to write a product script without killing the creative process. You can also use one of our free podcast script templates! 😊

how to be authentically yourself on your podcast

Step n°3: Connect authentically with your audience 

One of the common reasons we struggle to create authentic content through podcasting is not knowing who you’re talking to. 🙈

In your generous will to create content that will serve and help people, you may have the  tendency of wanting to help everyone at once.  

And if I ask you right now: ”Who do you think of when you think of your audience?”  💭

You might not be able to offer a clear answer with a clear vision. Now, here is what I will suggest you try doing to erase any fear of judgment, imposter syndrome, fear of not being enough and anxiety symptoms. 

This third step works whether your audience is made of corporate people, leaders, CEOs,  entrepreneurs, moms, coaches, therapists, artists, every type of person. Why? 🤨

Because beyond our social status, achievements, etc, we all have a heart and a story to share.

I encourage you to go and listen to podcast episode n°52 How to Create Deep Heartfelt Human Connections to really deepen this understanding. 

To connect deeply and authentically with your audience, my advice is to envision in your mind  that the person you’re talking to is your friend or someone you feel very comfortable talking to. 🛋️

how to be authentically yourself in your podcast

This will help you to:  

Benefit #1  

Stop instantly overthinking, because you are feeling at ease to share your thoughts with your dear friend, you know. 🤗

Benefit #2  

Be yourself, because the reason why you have chosen this person as your friend is because you feel that, in any circumstances, you can be fully yourself with them, right?

Benefit #3  

Stop being impressed by other people’s opinions, social status, or just having a foggy vision of  your audience, because you are speaking to them as real human beings with a heart, with  emotions, struggling probably with the same issues as you.

They just want to hear your story and learn from your own experiences. 👂

Because one thing that is very comforting for all of us is to hear stories and experiences we can  relate to, the same way I am writing this article to help you with podcasting or just being authentically yourself in your relationships in general.  

We are dealing with the same things in our daily lives, and it’s very soothing to hear someone  who has gone through this exact same situation, express themselves about it because we don’t feel lonely anymore. 🫂

And this is what your audience wants: to feel supported, heard, listened to and understood and loved. 🥰

And by doing this, you will differentiate yourself from any other podcasters, and potential clients  will show up because of the humanity you emanate through your genuine desire to deeply connect authentically with them. 

🖊️ Now, here are some questions you can ask yourself each time after doing the quick  meditation exercise From Mind Space to Heart Space:  

1. What is on my heart now, that I feel this friend (aka my audience) needs to hear from me now?  

2. What does my friend (aka my audience) need to understand to achieve their goal?  

3. How can I talk about this topic in my own way, with my own words? 

how to be authentically yourself on your podcast

Step n°4: Confidently express your authentic voice  

To finish I would like to tackle the topic of confidently expressing your authentic voice which is a very very important one, by the way, because the only thing and the only part of your physical self that people are actually interacting with is your voice.  

So you better be comfortable sharing your voice with them. 😉 

This might be the last question you are asking yourself: “How do I express myself in my own way without sounding like everybody else?” 📣

Well, here is my advice to you on this:  

Stop the comparison game.  

When you start your podcast, you might feel inspired to go and listen to other podcasts to seek inspiration and ideas. It’s okay to do this once in a while, but not too much.  

In order to find your true authentic voice, you will need to retreat from any external distraction to  come back to your heart (with the meditation, for instance 🧘‍♀️😉) and to answer the questions listed previously.  

This way, you can stop trying to be like somebody else and honestly say what needs to be  heard in your field of expertise and by your “friend”, aka your audience.  

🖊️ To help you with this, you might want to use these questions:  

1. If I had to be very honest on this topic, what would need to be said? 🗣️

2. If I had to be very honest and act like their trustworthy friend, what would they need to hear from me right now?  

Being honest with your audience and yourself will make you feel grounded in your speech and dramatically improve your level of confidence. 

Especially these days, people are sick of hearing the same monotonous advice.

And if you can be bold by your audacious honesty, your audience will feel your confidence emanating from your voice and will inevitably be drawn to you. 🤝

In the information overload world right now, we can say that honesty is the new sexy. 

So, now, go ahead and apply all these little tips and let us know in the comments what  changes and results this created for your podcast. 

If ever you want to receive more advice on how to authentically radiate who you truly are from  the inside out whether this is in your relationships with yourself, with your loving partner or in your podcast or business, you can go and visit my website 

For now, I wish for you to create the most successful podcast you can.  

From my heart to yours, 

– Claire  

Your emotional mastery coach 

About the author  

How to be authentically yourself on your podcast

Claire Chiron is an emotional healing and mastery coach. After her 1,500+ hours of meditation  practice, she helps women reconnect to their femininity and create healthy relationships with  themselves and their lover to embrace their life with joy and serenity.  

Also, thanks to her meditation skills, she helps high-achievers, employees and CEOs improve  their emotional, mental and work performance through weekly live-guided group meditation.


Link for podcast episode n°21 From Mind Space to Heart Space. 

Smartplayer for Episode n°21  

Link for podcast episode n°52 How to Create Deep Heartfelt Human Connections.  

Smartplayer for Episode n°52  

Link for podcast episode n°59 How to Be Authentically Yourself While Podcasting.  

Smartplayer for Episode n°59  

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