Branded Podcast: Essential Tools for Success


Branded Podcast: Essential Tools for Success

In recent months, company podcasts have gained popularity as a powerful communication tool. This medium is now ideal for sharing information with your community or clients and enhancing your brand's reputation.

June 27, 2023 • About 6 min. read


By launching your own branded podcast, you have the opportunity to connect with your target audience, foster engagement, strengthen your brand expertise, and communicate your values and what sets your company apart.

However, to make your branded podcast a true success, it is essential to have the right equipment, suitable software, and appropriate hosting. 🖥️

In this article, we will guide you through the essential elements and podcast tools to successfully launch your branded podcast. 🚀

What equipment to choose for my branded podcast?

Choose a quality microphone

Investing in a quality microphone is essential for recording clear and professional sound. USB or XLR microphones (using an audio interface) are the most common options. 🎙️

Popular models include the Blue Yeti, Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB, and Shure SM58. By opting for a high-quality microphone, you can ensure a pleasant listening experience for your audience, who will keep coming back to listen to all your episodes.

The sound quality of a podcast is the first step in getting your listeners hooked on your show. Don’t overlook it! 😁

Invest in headphones

Good podcast headphones are essential for monitoring audio quality during recording and editing. Choose a model that offers optimal sound quality and comfort. 🎧

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro are popular options recommended by many professional podcasters.

If you are hosting an interview-style podcast or a talk show with multiple guests, it’s ideal for each participant to have headphones for optimal sound quality. 🗣️

Buy a pop filter

A pop filter is an essential accessory that reduces unwanted noises, such as explosive “p” and “b” sounds, during vocal recording. Put your hand in front of your mouth and say “Papa.” You will feel a slight breath. This will be audible in the microphone, especially if you use a very precise one. 🤭

Very affordable and easy to install, it significantly improves the audio quality of your recordings and makes your voice more pleasant to listen to.

Also, set up a microphone stand or boom arm

A microphone stand or boom arm allows you to position the microphone at an ideal distance for clear and noise-free recording.

Reputable brands like Rode and Heil Sound offer reliable options for a smooth and professional recording experience. 💪

This expense is only necessary if you want to record your podcast in a fixed studio. If you prefer to meet your guests and hold the microphone (like on TV), you don’t need to buy a microphone stand. 🎤

What software to use for producing your branded podcast?

Which recording software?

To record your branded podcast episodes, you will need audio recording software. Several options exist, some of which are highly praised by professional podcasters. 🔥

These include Audacity (free software), Adobe Audition, or GarageBand (for Mac users). These software programs allow you to record, edit, and mix your audio content with ease. 🤝

At Ausha, we use Reaper software for recording our TIPS podcast episodes. 🎺

Which editing software?

A good audio editing software is essential for fine-tuning your recordings, removing errors, adjusting volume levels, and adding sound effects. 🔈

Adobe Audition, Reaper, and Hindenburg Journalist are examples of powerful and popular editing software programs tailored to podcasters’ needs.

If this part seems technical, don’t worry! There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube on this topic. You can also outsource the editing of your episodes. You’ll find many contacts for specialized podcast editors on the Ausha Club platform. 🥰

How to add music and sound effects?

To make your branded podcast even more engaging and enjoyable to listen to, you can add intro and outro music, transitions, and sound effects. 🎵

It’s important to ensure you use royalty-free music tracks to avoid copyright issues. Services such as Epidemic Sound, Artlist, and SoundBible offer high-quality libraries of music and podcast sound effects.

Ausha’s added bonus: Ausha provides access to over 500 royalty-free music tracks in partnership with Universal. You can use these music tracks in your podcast as well as on the YouTube version of your episodes. To benefit from this, sign up on Ausha! 💜

How to host and distribute a branded podcast?

Choose your podcast hosting platform

Once you have recorded and edited your episodes, it’s essential to choose a podcast hosting platform that perfectly suits your needs: unlimited hosting, one-click distribution to listening platforms, white-label communication support, personalized assistance, and more. 🔥

Ausha PRO stands out as a top choice for hosting your branded podcast.

Ausha PRO offers a comprehensive range of tools and features designed specifically for businesses, studios, agencies, and public organizations.

Ausha PRO offers:

  • Unlimited storage space for your audio files, allowing you to upload and manage your episodes with ease.
  • Distribution of your podcast to the top 22 listening platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many others, with just a few clicks.
  • Powerful communication supports that can be fully customized to match your company’s brand (Video Clip, Website, Audio Player, Smartlink, etc.). This way, you can reach a wider audience and increase the visibility of your branded podcast.
  • Detailed tracking and analytics tools to evaluate your podcast’s performance (number of listens, geolocation, audience distribution by platforms and devices, etc.).
  • Technical tools dedicated to professionals, such as a channel page that brings together all your company’s podcasts or simplified payment methods.

How to publish your branded podcast online?

Once your podcast project is well underway or your show is ready to be broadcast, contact our team of experts to set up your Ausha account.

We will configure your space and create your show on all the listening platforms we are connected to. 🚀 Once that’s done, all you have to do is publish your new episodes on Ausha and provide your metadata. The listening platforms (like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Deezer, etc.) will automatically update! 💪

If you wish, our team can provide ongoing support to help you make your branded podcast a true success!

We hope this blog gets you started on your path to create an awesome branded podcast! If you still aren’t sure if a branded podcast is right for you, check out our blog post, “Why create a branded podcast?” 🪐💜

Ausha PRO’s Podcast Editorial Calendar to Optimize Your Time 💪

At Ausha, we understand that organization is the key to a successful branded podcast. 🔑 It’s synonymous with peace of mind and efficiency, in both professional and personal life. For podcasters, organization becomes strategic, even crucial. At Ausha, we’ve designed a podcast editorial calendar specifically tailored to your needs. It’s the perfect tool for easily managing your podcast projects.

This Google Sheet template is fully customizable. 📑 Tailor it to your challenges and your own organizational style, and integrate it into your daily processes to maximize your production and promotion time.

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