Ausha welcomes Daniela Reyes as New Head of Product Marketing

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Ausha welcomes Daniela Reyes as New Head of Product Marketing

Ausha, the pioneering platform in Podcast Marketing, is excited to welcome Daniela Reyes as its new Head of Product Marketing.

February 14, 2024 • About 2 min. read


Daniela Reyes stands out for her exceptional academic background in technology and innovation, having attended the Institut Mines-Télécom and a specialized program in artificial intelligence at the University of Oxford. Her professional experience in internationally renowned companies such as AT&T, Nokia, Cisco, and CDiscount, combined with her Mexican origins, makes her international profile a valuable asset for Ausha’s global ambitions.

Daniela’s main mission will be to drive Ausha’s product innovation even further, by working on increasing the perceived value by the platform’s users. She will also focus on improving customer engagement and retention, thanks to her expertise in developing engaging customer strategies and optimizing satisfaction.

I am overjoyed to join Ausha, a trailblazer in the podcasting industry,” said Daniela Reyes. “I look forward to contributing to a team that continually innovates and shapes the future of podcast marketing. My goal is to make sure Ausha’s overall strategy remains centered around the needs of podcasters to continue empowering each unique voice to reach more ears and boost audience levels effortlessly.

Jennifer Han, CMO at Ausha, commented, “We are thrilled to have Daniela as part of our team and we’re especially really proud to have a woman joining our management team at Ausha. Her extensive experience, coupled with her innovative mindset, aligns perfectly with our mission at Ausha to empower everyone’s voice through podcasting.”

Her first mission was to contribute to the launch of Ausha’s groundbreaking innovation: the PSO Control Panel.

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February 14, 2024

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