How to Find Guests for your Podcast


How to Find Guests for your Podcast

Knowing how to find guests for your podcast can take your show to the next level! 🪜

June 1, 2022 • About 5 min. read

How to find guests for your podcast?

It can be hard to know where to start when you want to find guests for your podcast…

But don’t worry, I’m here to give you all the tips I have, to ensure that you find just the right guests that you’re looking for! 😄 

Why do you need to find guests for your podcast? 

There’s a few reasons why you should find guests for your podcast. 

1️⃣  The first is that you can get another opinion, point of view, or story from someone else. 

This can add another dimension to your show, and help you relate to more of your audience, and maybe on a deeper level. 

2️⃣  The second is that you can increase your podcast’s visibility. 

If your guests share your podcast with their communities and audiences, along with you sharing it with yours, it’s likely to have more downloads in the long run. 

3️⃣  The third is that you can collect interesting and intimate stories from your guests that can give more back to your audience which could engage them more in the future. 

How to find guests for your podcast?

How to choose your guests for your podcast? 🤔 

You want to make sure that who you choose as a guest, will have a lot to say about the topic of your show. 📣 

This may not be the most famous guest, but that shouldn’t be the point. You want your guest to relate to your show and topic. 

You could have Taylor Swift as a guest on your podcast but if your topic is about men’s hair care, chances are she’s not going to have anything to say… 

In order to stay on the right track, I advise you to choose guests while having your subject in mind. 🧠 

Is it a particular experience? An unusual anecdote? Is it the personality of your guest that appeals to you? Or is it for the story that they’ll bring to your microphone? 

How to find guests for your podcast?

How to find guests for your podcast? 

You will first need to start with a list of people that relate to the topic of your show and who you think could bring value to your show. 📋

Because you don’t want just anyone coming as a guest on your amazing podcast show, do you? 

Once you have your list of people chosen, you will need to start contacting them to see if they would be interested in coming onto your show as a guest. 

This can be the more challenging part, so be patient because not everyone will answer you quickly, (or at all) but you can’t take it personally. 💪 

How to contact potential guests? ☎️ 

You can try to get into contact with your potential podcast guests using a few different methods. 

Social Media 📱 

The most common way, yet not always the most effective. 

Especially if the person that you’re trying to reach has a lot of other people trying to reach them as well. 

Also Instagram and Facebook put messages from those that you don’t follow into a separate “requests” folder. This can make it almost impossible for this person to see your message if they’re getting lots of message requests each day. 

Email 📩 

A more practical way, but sometimes requires a bit more work when trying to find their email addresses. 

You can try to find their emails on social media or LinkedIn to start. 

If you can’t find it there, try Youtube! If your potential future guest has already published some video content on Youtube, they may have their email in the “about” section of their channel. 🖥️ 

Can’t hurt to look! 👀 

RSS Feed 

If your guest already has a podcast distributed, you can most likely find their email address in their good ol’ RSS feed. 

This is definitely the easiest option, but only if your guest has a podcast released already. 👆 

Previous Guests 

If you have already had some guests on your show that you were very happy with, ask them if they know anyone that would be interested in being your next guest.

They may even be able to give you their contact information! 

When you go to contact your potential guests, introduce yourself, your show, and why you believe they would be an asset to your show if they came on as a guest. 

Also feel free to send them the link to your show 🔗  so that they can get a feel for it, in case they haven’t heard it before. 

How to find guests for your podcast?

After getting in contact with your guests 

So let’s say that your hard work paid off and you’ve gotten a response. 

Next you will need to coordinate when you would like them to come and record the episode with you! 🎙️ 

To summarize 

And that’s it! That’s all it takes to find guests for your podcast. 

Remember to be patient because it could take time to find the contact details and then receive a response from someone. ⌚ 

That’s why it’s important to start the process with ample time before you would like to have a guest actually recording in the studio with you. 

And keep in mind that your guests should contribute something positive to your show, so if you don’t see that happening, it’s probably best not to invite them on your podcast. 

Work together with your guests to grow your podcast and improve its quality and number of downloads! 💜

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