How to Get Guests to Amplify Your Podcast’s Visibility


How to Get Guests to Amplify Your Podcast’s Visibility

Knowing how to get your guests to share your podcast can help increase the visibility of your show! 👀 

May 31, 2022 • About 6 min. read

How to make your podcast stand out

How can you get your guests to share your podcast with their community? 

You’ve already found the perfect guest, and had the perfect interview, now you’re about to release the perfect episode… or so we hope. 🤞 

But now your guest hasn’t mentioned anything on their social media or website and you’re starting to wonder if they’re going to share your new episode that you did together…

Well, let’s change that and make sure that they do! 💪 

How to get your guests to share your podcast?

Why is it important to get your guests to share your podcast? 

You probably have a large podcast community, and your podcast guest probably has a community of their own. 🏘️ 

By both sharing the episode with your communities you are increasing the visibility of your podcast. 

The more people that download the episode, the better for your ratings. And it’s also a point that you can use to try and convince other guests to come onto your show. 

And it would be super unfair to you and your guest, when you both took the time and effort to make a great episode, and then its discoverability was limited due to lack of sharing. 😢

How can you get your guests to share your podcast? 

There are a few tips that I can offer you for when you’re trying to convince your guest to share your show.

Handwritten note 📝 

It may seem a bit old fashioned, but yes it can work! 

Give your guest a handwritten note to thank them for their time and offer them a quick reminder to share your episode. 

This gesture is so rare and uncommon nowadays, that it will show that you care because you took the time to write it. 

And maybe if they know that you took the time to write them a nice note, they will be more likely to take the time to share your podcast. 

And you can always throw in some chocolates… it never hurts. 🍫 

Media kit 🧰 

The next thing that you should do is send them your podcast media kit. 

This is where you keep all of your communication assets.

For example, send them your podcast cover, your audio or video extracts, and your unique listening link. 🔗 

This will give them content that they can post, saving them time and making them more likely to post it. 

Send the media kit to your guests a few days before you release your episode so that they can start posting about the episode before it comes out. 

Also be sure to send them all your social media account names so that they will know how to tag you for the posts they create. 📱 

Tagging functions on social media 

There are so many features on social media, you should really take advantage of them when trying to promote your podcast. 

The tagging function especially, when you want your guests to share your podcast. 

Basically, when you post something regarding your new episode, featuring your guest, you can tag them so that all they have to do is share the post in a few clicks. 

This is the best way to get your guests to share your episodes because they are more likely to do it as it’s so easy and fast for them. 👌 

And also then you know the content of the post will be exactly what you want because you’re the one that wrote it! 

How to get your guests to share your podcast?

When to get your guests to share your podcast? ⌚ 

You want to make sure that you give your guests ample time to share your podcast, but you also don’t want to be too pushy. 

There’s a fine line that you have to find. Because you want to remind them but you really don’t want to annoy them… that’s definitely one way to make sure they don’t share your podcast. 

Suggested timeline: ⏳ 

A few days after recording the episode, send a message, email, or even a handwritten note to your guest to thank them for their time. 

Then a day or two before your episode is released, send your media kit to the guest so that they can prepare some posts for their social media pages. 

Then the day of, when you post about your show, tag your guest in hopes that they will repost it. If you’re really lucky they’ll also publish some posts on their own too! 

If after about a week to ten days, your guest still hasn’t shared your new episode anywhere, send them a message informing them on the number of podcast downloads that the episode has so far. 📊 

This may encourage them to want higher numbers, thus prompting them to share your podcast. 

Where can your guests share your podcast? 📍 

Well with all the social media platforms out there, it can be hard to know where to start. 

But you know your audience, and your guest should know theirs. 

So you can share your episode where you normally do and ask your guest to share your podcast on the platform that their audience frequents the most. 

For example, if your audience prefers Instagram and your guests’ audience prefers LinkedIn, then you each should share your podcast on those respective platforms. 

There’s also Twitter, Facebook, your podcast website, your blog, or you could even mention your show on TikTok. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to this! 🪂 

How to get your guests to share your podcast?
Social Media Manager on Ausha

How can Ausha help you get your guests to share your podcast? 💜 

The Social Media Manager from Ausha offers many features that can help you out here:

The SmartLink generated by Ausha is a great place to start! 🔗 

It allows those who click it to go directly to your Ausha generated website and see your episodes! 

The SmartPlayer from Ausha is also a game changer because you can embed it in places which can allow people to listen to your podcast more easily, increasing your discoverability. ▶️ 

Finally, the Social Networks page lets you schedule posts where you can tag your guest in hopes that they share it! Saving you both time! 🤜 🤛

To summarize: 

Keep in mind that your guest is maybe just as busy as you are, so be patient, but don’t give up either! 

There can be so many ways to get your guest to share your podcast, and so many places where they can share it. 😄 

A handwritten note, your media kit, and the tagging features on social media are all there to help you get your guests to share your podcast, so take advantage of them. 

And remember that you get further with honey than vinegar so even if you don’t hear back from your guest, or they never share the episode, still be understanding. You never know their reasons! 

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May 31, 2022

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